Beerhammer 40k: New Mission, Bierström!


It's been a long time since I updated Beerhammer, but a new edition requires some new ways to enjoy drinking with 40k!  Fresh off the presses for the Las Vegas Open, I present to you...


To separate the wheat from the barley, Ninkasi (the minor Chaos God of beer) has willed it that the would-be champions battle each other in an arena of ever changing objectives.  His fickle ways mean that you are never sure where he might want you to be or what to kill, though it is always possible to earn his patronage by giving a meager offering of hooch.

At the beginning of each game turn, both players will roll three D6 (re-rolling duplicates) and consult this chart to determine their Maelstrom objectives for that turn.  These are scored at the end of the game turn.

Modified Maelstrom:

  1. Cheers! - Buy your opponent a drink of their choice.
  2. Not as think as you drunk I am - Fail 3 or more charges.
  3. Don't fall Off - Have no models within 12" of any table edge.
  4. Spread 'em - Have a model within 12" of each table corner.
  5. Liquid courage - Your opponent declines at least one challenge, or you lose at least one challenge.
  6. Under the bus - Have one of your units wiped out in combat.

Deployment: Random

Secondary Objectives: Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Linebreaker

Mission Special Rules: Breaking the Seal, Unworthy Offering, Glory to Ninkasi, Night Fighting, Reserves

Breaking the Seal: Any time you use the restroom, your opponent is awarded a victory point.

Unworthy Offering: If you are unable (unwilling, or are just too thirsty) to achieve one of your Maelstrom objective, you can attempt to redeem yourself in the eyes of Ninkasi by finishing a beverage, this will grant you the Victory Point as if you had accomplished the Maelstrom objective.  You may only perform one Unworthy Offering per game turn.

Glory to Ninkasi: When performing an Unworthy Offering, if your drink was a different type than you have had previously this game, you are awarded an extra victory point.  Beers all count as the same type, as does wine, differing shots and cocktails only count if they contain a different type of liquor.

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