Las Vegas Open Tickets up for Sale!


Las Vegas Open 2015 tickets are now up for sale and moving fast! You can buy your tickets here. The 40K Championships especially are moving extremely fast, do not wait to get your tickets.

Go to the Las Vegas Open tab at the top and go through the drop-down menu to read event descriptions or click on the tab for a schedule of events and to book rooms. The room block is currently booked, but we are in the process of getting another 250 rooms for the event. We will let you know when those are available at the smoking hot rate we negotiated.

We also added another 6,000sqft! There will be tons of room for games this year! That puts up to just about 29.000sqft, so this will be nearly double the size of last year. We are very excited!

We do have some vendor space left, but it is gong fast. Please reach out to us if you would like to get some table space at the LVO this year.

We’ve got 40K events, board games, Dropzone, Warzone, Warmahordes, Hobby Seminars all over the place, Fantasy, Infinity, Beerhammer, Pub Crawls…you name it!

We look forward to seeing you all at what will be the biggest, best, and most amazing event we’ve run to date!



Buy your BeerHammer Tickets Here!

Ninkasi, the minor Chaos God of Beer has decreed that the mortal realm must once again battle for his amusement.  Each warrior will see the field of battle bombarded by the fine vessels the gods have procured, each filled with the devine ambrosia of Chaos itself.  Only the strongest, most cunning, and least sober champion will be crowned the Lord of Beerhammer.



Friday night around 8:30pm until we finish the last game!

2 Rounds, don’t want to overdo it!

  • What comes with ticket: (Beerhammer 2015 Church Key, and entrance to the event).
  • There will be a bar available to purchase beverages for the event, including non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Event Rules: Army list will be constructed with the same rules and restrictions as the Warhammer 40k Championships.
  • All players are expected to remain civil, inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated, we don’t want any broken models covered in beer.  If you are overly intoxicated, you will unfortunately be asked to leave.
  • Be sure to pace yourself!  Nobody knows your limit but you, and just because you can drink, doesn’t mean you have to at every opportunity.
  • The Beerhammer Championships will go on for 2 rounds, the player with the most cumulative victory points at the end of both games will be crowned the champion.  There will be a top secret tie breaker if necessary to determine the winner.

Event Scenarios:

We will be playing Beerhammer Eternal War Scenario 3, Beer-teor Shower, as well as BeerHammer Maelstrom Mission 1, Bierström.