C-c-c-combo Breaker! The Cerastus Knight Acheron!


Alright kiddos, the latest Knight Titan from FW has just been put up for order, it's the Cerastus Knight Acheron!  This is the last of the Cerastus chassis knights that we've been seeing for months around the internet, but does it live up to the reputation of it's brothers? Like the other Cerastus Knight Titans, it's rules are available on Forge World, so read them!


My first impression of the Acheron was that of awe, I was surprised that they'd put a Hellstorm weapon on a non-Lord of War.  That awe was quickly quelled though when I realized that it didn't have Torrent, which would have been ridiculous.  It's primary weapon is a S7 AP3 Ordnance Hellstorm flamer, definitely not bad, though it is incredibly short ranged (for a Knight) coming in at just about 16".  Since it isn't torrent, that means you'll be placing it touching the base, so you'll have to position yourself well to make the most use of it.

It's other arm mounts a Reaper Chainfist, which unfortunately isn't quite as cool as it sounds, basically just a Reaper Chainsword, but re-rolls 1's on the Destroyer chart against vehicles.  That can be kind of fun, though really just helps you if you're like me and can roll a fist full of 1's no problem.  Interestingly though, unlike the other Cerastus chassis knights, it's chainfist mounts a twin-linked heavy bolter, meaning you can flame one target and use the bolter so that you can charge another, which is great considering that the hellstorm template could very well wipe out the unit you fired at.

Overall, I think that the Acheron is actually a very solid knight, and would run as an alternative to the Paladin.  Both have strong anti-marine guns, the Paladin will kill more at range, while the Acheron will kill more up close.  Both of them have destroyer melee attacks and thanks to the Acheron's heavy bolter, both can charge against different targets than what they shoot at with their primary weapon.


Some ways I'd run an Acheron in a knight army are:

Knight Cerastus Acheron: 415 Knight Paladin: 375 Knight Errant: 370

Basically the same as my list with the Castigator, except with an Acheron.  The Paladin deals with infantry at range while the Acheron advances on mop up duty, the Errant is there to handle 2+ and hope to blow up some transports in the meantime.  The shortcomings of this list are basically still going to be transports, like most other Imperial Knight armies, so you should make up for that with allies.

Knight Cerastus Acheron: 415 Knight Cerastus Castigator: 380 Knight Errant: 370

This might be a slightly more competitive build with the army, upgrading the Paladin to a Castigator, which helps you deal with transports at range.  The Errant is still there for handling things like Meganobz which you really don't want to fight in melee, and he is the most suitable warlord (Acheron doesn't' roll to hit with range, Castigator's gun is twin-linked already and he doesn't r0ll to hit in melee).  If you want to get really nasty, you can upgrade the Errant to be Gerantius and make the Castigator your warlord instead.  This list would lack a bit of anti-infantry at longer ranges though.

Knight Cerastus Lancer: 400 Knight Cerastus Castigator: 380 Knight Cerastus Acheron: 415

Weighing in at nearly 1200 points, all the Cerastus frames together.  I'm not actually sure if this would work well, but lets be honest, it would look pretty epic.


Obviously all photo credit to Forge World, since nobody else has had a chance to paint any of their sweet toys yet.