Dark Eldar Army List Challenge


I issue the following challenge to readers: Come up with the absolute worst 1,850 Dark Eldar list you can think of.  Nothing is off limits, but lists must be legal!


Once I get a good selection of lists, I'll narrow down the field to the worst of the worst and put up a poll so that readers can vote on which list is the absolute worst.  I will then use The Worst list in a local tournament, or (if my schedule prohibits me from attending tourneys in the near future) at least do some batreps using The Worst list.  If I am able to make it to a tourney and happen to finish in the top 3, the author will get a prize! (To be determined at a later date :])

Is it time to break out overpriced special characters? YES!


Please note that this is just for fun.  I doubt I'll be able to do much with a terrible Dark Eldar list, but I'd like to see what people come up with.  That, and it might actually be kind of liberating to play an army with no expectations.


I got this idea from my friend Adam's (mortetvie) blog: http://yriel.blogspot.com/2012/02/ultimate-eldar-challenge.html in which he challenged readers to come up with the absolute worst Eldar army list they could.

Get to it!  Let's see what the Internet can crank out.


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