Warmachine Battle Report - Retribution vs. Cryx - 35 pts


Here we are with another batrep between Beau and Jamar YET again, with Beau's Retribution squaring off against Jamar's Cryx. Beau's List:

  • Garryth
  • Phoenix
  • Arcantrik Force Generator (contrary to appearance)
  • Aiyana & Holt
  • Magister x 2
  • Mage Hunter Assassin x 2
  • Arcanist x 2
  • Madeyln Corbeau
  • Lanyssa Ryssyll
  • Wishnailer


  • Battle Mages
  • Ghost Sniper

Jamar List:

  • PSkarre
  • Deathjack
  • Deathripper
  • Max. Mechanithralls
  • Wraith Engine x 2
  • Skarlock


  • Stalker
  • Necrotech + Scrap Thrall x 3

Deployment: Jamar won the roll off, chose to go first and from top to bottom he deployed: Deathjack, Wraith Engine, Wraith Engine, Skarre, Deathripper, Mech Thralls and the Skarlock. From top to bottom, Beau deployed: Aiyana & Holt, Lanyssa Ryssyll, Magister, Magister, Corbeau, Arcanist, Arcanist, Wishnailer, Garryth, Arcantrik Force Generator and the Mage Hunter Assassins. As you may have noticed, Beau does not use the standard Arcantrik Force Generator model as he's not a fan of it and has instead found a suitable replacement (at least for friendly games).

The scenario for this game was Envelopment, a flank scenario in which there are two 14" x 6" zone (marked by the blue beads) and each player can score by controlling the zone farthest from them, with the first player to 3 control points winning. Additionally, Reinforcements are in effect for this scenario, which could can come on the board starting on the players second turn.

Cryx turn 1: Skarre allocated 1 focus to the Deathripper and the Wraith Engines were both placed 2" forward due to Apparition. Everything ran forward, with the exception of the Skarlock who advanced behind the Mech Thralls and cast Ritual Sacrifice (remove target friendly warrior model from play and your caster receives D6 focus next turn) on one to give Skarre 3 extra focus next turn.

Retribution turn 1: Garryth gave the Phoenix 1 focus. Garryth, Lanyssa and the AFG ran into the forest, with Wishnailer hiding behind it. The Mage Hunter Assassins ran up on/by the hill, across from the Wraith Engines and Aiyana & Holt advanced and became stealthed. Everything else ran.

A Cryx perspective.

A Retribution perspective.

Cryx turn 2: First off, Jamar forgot to bring in his Reinforcements. Again Skarre gave the Deathripper 1 focus and the Wraith Engines Apparitioned forward. Next the Wraith Engines went Incorporeal for a round (each giving the other +2 ARM while Incorporeal and within 10" of one another) and ran forward, the one on the hill engaging (and thus forcing Terror checks on) the MHA's and the forward Magister, with only the Magister failing her CMD check. The Deathjack ran up between them and the Deathripper ran and ended in front of the forest. Skarre then advanced and arcced a boosted Hellfire (range 10, POW 14) at Madelyn Corbeau and hit, killing her, with the central Engine getting her soul. She tried the same against the non-fleeing Magister, but missed. With the Engines and her battlegroup in her CTRL she used her feat, in which she takes up to 5 damage to give friendly faction models in her CTRL +1 STR and ARM for each point of damage (which, for you new people, is always 5, health permitting). Lastly the Mechanithralls ran forward into the zone and the Skarlock advanced Rit Sacc'd another one, garnering Skarre 1 more focus next turn.

Retribution turn 2: Unlike Jamar, Beau remembered to bring in his Reinforcements, bringing on the Ghost Sniper and the unit of Battle Mages.

Garryth then allocated 3 focus to the Phoenix. In the faint hope of putting some damage on it, the AFG first it's Blasted Earth shot (POW 16 and leaves a 4"AOE of rough terrain in play for one round) at the central Wraith Engine, hitting, but doing no damage. An Arcanist moved back slightly and gave the Phoenix +2 STR. Aiyana then cast Kiss of Lyliss (add +2 to damage rolls against target model) on the central Wraith Engine and Holt aimed and shot the Deathripper twice, doing good damage, but taking out no systems. The Phoenix advanced to within 1/2" of the Deathjack and attacked the central Wraith Engine with it's magical sword. The Engine was sitting at ARM 25 and the Phoenix was effectively POW 21 on his sword and after 4 attack the Engine was left with 10 of it's 20 boxes. The Ghost Sniper and Battle Mages advanced to contest the zone and fired on the Mech Thralls, destroying 4. The non-fleeing Magister used Whip Snap on the central Wraith Engine, allowing Garryth to advance 3". Garryth then advanced past the Wraith Engine's front arc and used his feat, which prevents enemy models from casting/channeling spells and from spending focus while in his CTRL of 12". He then attacked the Engine with both is initial, unboosted, magical, weapon master attacks, doing 1 damage to it. The fleeing Magister moved away and died to a free strike from the Engine on the hill, which then became Corporeal. The Mage Hunter Assassin that could see the Deathjack charged it and made her Abomination CMD check, but failed her Terror check. The other MHA charged the now corporeal Wraith Engine, but failed to exceed it's 23 ARM. Lanyssa then charged the central Engine, but failed her Terror check as well and the last Arcanist ran up to engage the Deathripper. Lastly, Wishnailer ran forward around the forest.

Cryx turn 3: Skarre kept all her focus, backed up so that she was a bit out of Garryth's CTRL area to be free of his feat and cast Dark Guidance (while within her CTRL area friendly faction models gain an additional die on melee attack rolls). Then the Deathjack walked over to attack Garryth, taking a free strike from the Phoenix for 15(!) damage (and was set on fire :P ), but only lost its movement. It attacked with the horns first, doing 3 damage. It then missed with its first claw attack and hit with the second, but rolled snake eyes on damage, doing only 3 more. The Wraith Engine his was next, turned to engage him and attacked, missing its first attack, but hitting with its second and bring Garryth down to 5 health. It used its one soul to buy a third attack which hit and did exactly 5 damage to kill Garryth and nab his soul.

Aftermath: The scenario turned out to be a non-issue as both armies had plans that didn't (really) involve holding points. As Jamar has fallen victim to Garryths long distance assassinations before he was Johnny-on-the-spot with killing Corbeau. It was hard to tell for sure, but it seemed that if she hadn't been killed and Garryth got the extra 3" advance, then Skarre might not have been able to back up enough to avoid his feat effects. At any rate (and as per forum speculation), two Wraith Engines with PSkarre is nasty. In the opposite vein, the Arcantrik Force Generator may not have fit perfectly into Beau's list, but we were inclined to include in the spirit of having as huge bases abound. The easytosayinhindsight thought of the game was that if Garryth had camped all his focus he would've survived, as the way the models were positioned the other Wraith Engine wouldn't have been able to get to him. Another would be that he kept all his focus, advanced like he did and tried hitting Skarre with Gallows he'd have had about a 50% chance to prevent her from walking away and casting Dark Guidance. Also, if the AFG had fired its Momentum shot to knock down the Deathjack, it would have been unable to walk over and attack due to Garryths feat and it being unable to shake off knock down. Either way it was a well played game and another for the books.