Dark Eldar: Converting Grotesques?


After trading in my Finecrap Grotesque models, I'm trying to think of cost-efficient ways to add them back into my army. Talos Heads - $9 x 2 = $18

Skaven Rat Ogre Body - $11 x 5 = $55

Skaven Rat Ogre Arms - $3 x 3 = $9

$82 for 10 Grotesques.  Not bad.

I will spruce them up with some of my leftover chains and what not from the Venom kits, but would appreciate any feedback on other bits you might include that are easy on the wallet.  The Talos pain engine has quite a few but I'm not entirely sure how they would fit in / if they are necessary.  I think my best bet is to start with this and then see what is needed to improve the look and feel of it.