Random Dark Eldar List: The Resurgence of Vect


I used Vect quite extensively during my early playtests but had moved away from him.  Well, I'm getting the hankering to utilize him again so here's a sample list I came up with using Vect and his Dais.  The Broadside Bash is coming up in February, and I need to come up with a nice 2,000-point list for it.

Vect - 240 Dais - 200

4 Trueborn (4 Blasters) in Venom (+SC) - 173 4 Trueborn (4 Blasters) in Venom (+SC) - 173 5 Trueborn (2 Dark Lance) in Raider (FF) - 180

9 Wyches (Hekatrix with Agonizer)- 120 9 Wyches (Hekatrix with Agonizer) in Raider (FF) - 190 5 Warriors (Blaster) in Venom (+SC) - 125 5 Warriors (Blaster) in Venom (+SC) - 125 5 Warriors (Blaster) in Venom (+SC) - 125

Ravager (FF) - 115 Ravager (FF) - 115 Ravager (FF) - 115

Total: 1,996 --- 5 Venoms 16 Dark Lances 11 Blasters

This list gives me quite a few anti-tank threats.  Vect's Dais essentially gives me another Ravager which I can use either as a Transport or Gun-boat (and move Vect and his Wych friends into the empty Trueborn Raider).  5 Venoms is less than I am comfortable with, but does provide me with some great anti-infantry capabilities.  Oh well, it is something to try on a rainy day.