Warmachine Battle Report - Cygnar vs. Cryx - 35 points


Here's a new battle report featuring Beau's Cygnar taking on Jamar's Cryx. Beau's List:

  • Darius
  • Thunderhead
  • Centurion x 2
  • Arlan Strangeways
  • Journeyman Warcaster
  • Storm Smith
  • Sylys Wyshnalyrr
  • Lanyssa Ryssyl

Jamar's List:

PDeneghra Seether Leviathan Deathripper x 2 Helldiver x 2 Skarlock Pistol Wraith Machine Wraith Necrotech + Scrap Thrall x 2

Deployment: Beau won the roll and opted to set up first. From top to bottom he deployed: Lanyssa, Storm Smith, Journeyman, Thunderhead, Halfjack, Centurion, Halfjack, Darius, Wishnailer, Centurion, Halfjack and Strangeways. From top to bottom Jamar deployed: Scrap Thrall, Scrap Thrall, Deathripper, Helldiver, Deneghra, Seether, Necrotech, Leviathan, Necrotech, Skarlock, Helldiver, Machine Wraith, Deathripper and a Pistol Wraith just out of the shot.

The table was set up in a sort of scrapyard (apparently Darius was dumpster diving), with the piles of scrap of varying size being played as hills. The fence connected to the shack at the top of the table provides concealment while within 1" of it and the grind ball in the center can be slammed around like normal and offers cover for those who dare to hide behind it. As Jamar insisted on adding the farm animals, it was decided they would be better showcased in a non-living capacity, the first casualties of the Cryxian attack.

Cygnar turn 1: The Thunderhead and the red Centurion each received a focus. The Journeyman activated first, casting Arcane Shield on the Thunderhead and moved onto the nearby hill. The Thunderhead ran onto the hill and the red Centurion ran up beside the hill. Strangeways advanced a bit and gave the black Centurion a focus with Power Booster, which it used to run up. Darius advanced, casting Fortify (+2 ARM and this model and friendlies base-to-base with it can't be knocked down, pushed or slammed) on the red Centurion and used his crane to move it up 1". The halfjacks ran up behind each of the heavies, Lanyssa ran over behind the fence, the Storm Smith ran onto the hill and Wishnailer advanced.

Cryx turn 1: Deneghra allocated a focus to the Leviathan and the Deathrippers. The Wraiths and a Deathripper ran onto the lower hill and the other Deathripper ran into the animal pen. The Seether ran toward the pen and the Leviathan ran up on the small hill. The Helldivers both advanced and burrowed (represented by the red markers), one in the open and one behind the Leviathan. Deneghra and the Skarlock ran up towards the pen and the Necrotechs ran forward. Lastly, one Scrap Thrall ran in front of the Leviathan and the other ran into the pen.

A Cygnar perspective.

A Cryx perspective.

Cygnar turn 2: Wishnailer upkept Fortify for free and the Journeyman upkept Arcane Shield. Darius kept all the focus. The red Centurion advanced, using Polarity Field (can't be charged or slammed) and Wishnailer advanced and used Arcane Secrets on Darius. Darius advanced and, thanks to the extra range from Wishnailer, cast a boosted Arcantrik Bolt at the Machine Wraith, destroying it. He then fired his steam cannon at the Deathripper, but missed and deviated to hit nothing. Strangeways advanced and gave the black Centurion a focus which it used to run in front of Darius, base-to-base with the Fortified Centurion. The Storm Smith advanced and used Lightning Strike against the Leviathan, doing 2 damage and disrupting it. The halfjacks advanced and Lanyssa charged the Deathripper in the pen, hitting and doing 9 damage, but not quite disabling anything. The Journeyman ran back to the scrap hill in the back corner and the Thunderhead advanced and shot the forward Scrap Thrall, exploding it, but damaging nothing in the blast.

Cryx turn 2: The Helldivers popped up about 3" directly ahead of the red markers and Deneghra allocated 2 focus to the one near the Leviathan, keeping the rest. The Leviathan on the hill aimed and shot the Storm Smith dead and the remaining Scrap Thrall walked over to Lanyssa and Death Bursted, rolling an 11 to hit and killed her, but did no damage to the Deathripper in the blast. The other Deathripper advanced off the hill and the Pistol Wraith advanced and shot the black Centurion twice, doing no damage, but hitting with the chain attack and Death Chilling it (target model must sacrifice its movement or action next activation). The Helldiver with the 2 focus on it did a boosted slam on the Thunderhead, knocking it back 1" and destroying the Halfjack directly behind with the collateral damage (the wreck marker underneath the Thunderhead was to keep it from toppling). The Deathripper in the pen walked over to just behind the fence and Deneghra advanced next to the pen and channeled Crippling Grasp though said Deathripper onto the Thunderhead. The other Helldiver advanced up to the grind ball and re-burrowed. The Skarlock advanced and cast Ghost Walk on the Seether who then ran though the shack into the pen, next to the Deathripper. Lastly, the two Necrotechs advanced to the Leviathan, repairing it.

Cygnar turn 3: Wishnailer upkept Fortify and Jr upkept Arcane Shield, Darius allocating 3 focus to the Thunderhead and put out a new Halfjack. The Journeyman went first, firing a fully boosted hand cannon shot at the Seether for a whopping 10 damage, crippling the right arm. Next the Thunderhead aimed and also shot at the Seether (who had concealment from this angle), boosting the first shot, but missing. The following, unboosted shot hit and he boosted the damage, doing 12 damage and crippling everything, but it's cortex. Strangeways advanced and gave a focus to the red Centurion, who then used it to run forward. As it had to sacrifice it movement or action due to Death Chill from the Pistol Wraith, the black Centurion sacced its movement to use Polarity Shield. Darius moved back slightly and fired a boosted steam cannon shot at the now corporeal Pistol Wraith, hitting and killing it and sitting on 1 focus. Wishnailer hid behind the lower shack and the Halfjacks ran into various positions.

Cryx turn 3: The Helldiver came up near the grind ball. Crippling Grasp was not upkept on the Thunderhead and Deneghra allocated 3 focus to the Leviathan. Deneghra activated first, charging the red Centurion, using her feat (enemy models are -2 to all stats but CMD and can't run or make special attacks), but doing no damage with the charge attack. She then channeled a boosted Crippling Grasp onto Darius through the Deathripper closest to him. Next, the Leviathan advanced into range and shot at Darius, being a POW14 against him as he's a medium base and with Darius' ARM being 15 after debuffs. It shot 3 times, boosting the first damage roll and did 17 damage total, leaving Darius with 5 health. The Deathripper Deneghra had just channeled through then advanced towards Darius, but was barely out of melee range. The Helldiver by the grind ball advanced towards Darius and burrowed again and the other Helldiver moved up to bite the Thunderhead, doing no damage. The Deathripper in the pen did the same and the Seether also advanced toward the Thunderhead. Jamar forgot to activate the Skarlock and lastly the Necrotechs ran to engage the heavies.

Cygnar turn 4: Wishnailer upkept Fortify and Jr upkept Arcane Shield. As Darius had -2 focus from Deneghra's feat, he allocated 1 to the red Centurion and kept 3. Darius went first, sacrificing his movement to aim and shoot his Centurion in the back in the hopes to get the focusless Deneghra in the blast, but missed, deviating to do 3 damage to a Necrotech. He then cast Full Throttle (giving his battlegroup boosted melee attacks). The Centurion Deneghra charged turned to face her and attacked with the spear (needing 12's) and missed. It then hit with the shield, doing 6 damage, but then missed with its second spear attack. The black Centurion by Darius moved slightly and attacked the Deathripper with the spear, doing a good chunk of damage and crippling its arc node. Strangeways and Wishnailer both attacked it in melee as well, Strangeways missing and Wishnailer hitting, but doing no damage. The Journeyman shot the Seether with another fully boosted hand cannon shot, doing 5 damage and bringing it down to 1 box of cortex remaining. The Thunderhead activated and, with one hit, destroyed the Deathripper that had been previously damaged by Lanyssa and critically disrupted the Helldiver, doing a chunk of damage as well. Lastly, the Halfjacks moved slightly, one moving centrally and making itself into a mine.

Cryx turn 4: Shockingly enough, Deneghra upkept Crippling Grasp on Darius and the Helldiver surfaced just within Darius' back arc. Deneghra then allocated 3 to the Leviathan, 2 to the Helldiver by Darius and 1 to the Deathripper by Darius. The Helldiver behind Darius did a boosted head-butt, knocking him down and doing no damage. The Leviathan then aimed and shot him, boosting the damage and taking Darius out.

Aftermath: Though Jamar pulled off the caster kill this time, Darius' 22 health is nothing to snuff at and is really what afforded Beau the opportunity take a crack at Deneghra (along with the 18 base ARM, I suppose). Being MAT 4 thanks to The Withering, the Centurion under Full Throttle had a 37% likelihood to hit DEF 16 Deneghra, but the dice, as they're want to do, said otherwise. Crippling Grasp as well as Deneghra's feat both prevent affected models from using special attacks and removed one of the best ways Beau had of assassinating Deneghra, namely the Thunderhead's auto-hitting Engergy Pulse and subsequent auto-hitting Lightning Coil shots. It was risky of Jamar to charge the Centurion with Deneghra in order to maximize her feat area instead of just advancing to feat (it looked to me like he could) and tying up the Centurion with Necrotechs, as it gave the heavy a chance to skewer her if/when the Leviathan failed to kill Darius. Jamar would undoubtedly say that his depth perception is crap and that it was worth it, as he wanted to be 100% sure that Darius was effected. Assuming average damage rolls on the feat turn barrage (and that the Leviathan hit with all its shots), the odds were that Darius would have been left with 0.5 wounds. While we don't tailor lists for opponents, Beau did originally construct his list with the intention of playing against Menoth run by John Johnson (who wussed out btw) and the match up against PDeneghra was probably not in his favor, though to be fair she's a tough caster to face with most lists. Little did Darius know, however, that Deneghra came not for the scrap mechanika, but rather to restock the Necrotech's Soul Hunter parts bin with some fresh, four-legged meat.