Warhammer Weekend: Fatties and Bugs


So this weekend I got around to playing both 40k and Fantasy, both were interesting games for very different reasons.


It had been a while since I played a game of 40k, so I thought I'd get in a game against our local bug-master, Pete.  To face his bugs, I decided to fight fire with fire and brought my own Tyranid force, only upon arrival at Gamescape, I had a dreadful realization, I forgot my Tervigons, Trygons, Hive Guard and Dakkarant!  So having forgot some of my most important models, I resolved to try out making a deep striking spore list, and in my haste writing the list, I forgot to put in adequate synapse.  My list consisted of a Venom Cannon toting Hive Tyrant with guard, 3 Lictors, Deathleaper, a big unit of Genestealers, 2x 19 Termagants with Devourers in Mycetic Spores and a pair of Carnifexes in Mycetic Spores as well, if there was anything else in the list, it isn't significant enough to mention.

The game was pretty rough, but also very surprising.  19 Termagants nearly wiped out a unit of his genestealers the turn they arrived.  The Lictors and Deathleaper were a fun change of pace, though they failed to do much in the long run, and my Genestealers came up on the far edge of the board from the action, meaning they were nearly worthless, only wiping out a unit of spawned termagants before they were killed.  The Carnifexes were fun, even in pods, and they seemed to do okay damage, but it wasn't enough to survive Paroxysm and Hypnotic Gaze.  In the end, I lost miserably, maybe next time when I bring a cohesive force.


This weekend I decided to try out a new list for the Ogres, one that is basically full of face breaking and other nastiness.  My list was pretty similar to the list in my Bigger is Better article, except without the Gnoblars and with the Dragonhide Banner instead of the Banner of Eternal Flame on my Mournfangs.  We played Battle for the Pass, which I normally like, but now with my faster army, it's maneuverability was hampered.

The game started off miserably, first turn I dimensional cascaded and lost my Slaughtermaster.  Due to the grace of my opponent (Blackthorne) and his interest in playing a good game instead of one won by luck, he allowed me to pretend that I took the Earthing Rod instead of the Dispel Scroll on my Slaughter Master (which I usually do), so I re-rolled the result and still got Dimensional Cascade, but this time I didn't die.

I foolishly allowed the Casket of Souls to go off on turn one, but (my girlfriend) passed all my leadership tests for the various units that were hit, except for the poor Sabretusk, who had it's face melted off, later in the game though that Casket very efficiently annihilated my Stonehorn.  Blackthorne's Stonethrowers constantly misfired or just missed altogether, which was fortunate for me, so they played very little part in the game.  His unit of Chariots with the Banner of Eternal Flame was very effective and scared the bejebusout of me, fortunately though, through canny use of a building, I was able to prevent them from charging for a while.  As usual, I totally forgot that my Thundertusk has a Stonethrower attack and I forgot to stomp on multiple occasions, but I suppose that was penance for my miscast.

In the end, I did win the game, largely due to my single remaining Irongut with a single wound remaining, with a difference of about 900 Victory Points.  We decided to see what would have happened if I failed that last regeneration roll that saved his life, and though it still meant a victory for me, it was my only about ~160 points, which is much less decisive.

Well, that was my weekend in Warhammer land!  I'm really trying to enjoy 40k more, but what can I say, my Fantasy games are always far more interesting and fun!  I definitely recommend to all the hardcore 40k players out there, to try and play Fantasy, after learning the game and playing a few times, I think you'll really enjoy it.