Getting excited for 40k... again.


So over the last few months, I have all but entirely stopped playing 40k in favor of Fantasy.  I started a painting league (more on that later), which mas a great solid group of players and we have a lot of fun, but it means my mind has been entirely consumed by Fantasy.  It probably also didn't help that when I went to the BAO, while I didn't play in the 40k tournament, I have friends that did, and seeing the generic net lists dominate the field just didn't help my excitement. Now, after a bit of a break, I've decided that I should try and give it a go again, with a new look hope.  I have a few friends who have felt the same way and we've resolved to throw the net lists out the window, buy some beers and play the game the way it was meant to.  That doesn't mean we're going to make push-over lists, but instead we are just going to play the way we want to and ignore that tournaments even exist.

I'm going to play with my Tyranids again, they've been on the shelf ever since the power books have made them obsolete, but I have so many of them that I feel guilty for not playing them.  Thankfully, among my close friends, nobody wants to run with or against the spam that has removed Tyranids from tournaments, so I could actually have a chance!

I'll bat rep my next game with this philosophy and let you know how it goes!