My Hope for Necrons


So Necrons are set to drop this weekend.  I don't think I am alone in wondering just how they will affect the meta-game.  Since they are a Ward book, I am just a little bit nervous that they will become the next powerhouse army in the 40k universe.  Is this bad?  Well it would certainly shake this up a bit to see Necrons on the top tables instead of SW/BA/GK or IG. Others are saying that this book was written with 6th edition in mind and its true power won't be known until we get the new set of rules.  This is an interesting theory and would give us a look into what to expect for the next edition.  Mat Ward himself describes the Necrons as an elite shooty army that can also hold its own in close combat.  This worries me a bit as I was hoping to see a shift away from shooting for the next edition - but this could all be hype.

What hopes do you have for the new Necron codex?  Would you rather see them affect the game in the same way Blood Angels and Dark Eldar did?  A solid army with plenty of choices that can compete with the top lists but certainly doesn't break the game.  Or would you prefer a game-changing army book along the lines of Space Wolves or Grey Knight?