Comikaze - What to take?


Hello again!  I am all signed up and ready for Comikaze, which will be my first major tournament since the Throne of Skulls back in June.  There's only one problem - I don't know which army to take!  I have some interesting choices, and while I am leaning in one particular direction, I'd rather get some unbiased feedback from any viewers first. First up is my trusty Dark Eldar - there are essentially two variants of the army that I can run.  First is the tried and true Darklight spam with massed Warriors and Trueborn.  This army packs quite a punch in the shooting phase but can get beat up if the game drags on too long and my 5 man Warrior squads need to hold onto objectives.  My second option for Dark Eldar is a more Wych heavy list which I think will fare a little better against Grey Knight variants.  Wyches are certainly more fragile than Warriors and I lose some Blasters, but the combat punch might make up for it.

Next up is my wild card - Grey Knights.  I have a Paladin based army ready to go (along with 6 Psyflemen Dreads).  The problem is I have relatively little experience playing Grey Knights in a competitive setting and while the list is strong and plays to the missions, I'm afraid my inexperience with them will show if I face some more seasoned Grey Knight players.  Overall I like this army the best from a competitive standpoint, but I'm not sure I want to be one of those bandwagon Grey Knight players (which I certainly would be).

Finally, I could bring an Eldar army.  I have two themes to choose from; first up is an Iyanden style Wraithguard based army.  I feel this type of army would really throw the meta-game for a loop and Eldrad would certainly wreak havoc on any enemy psykers.  Wraithguard supported by more Wraithguard, Harlequins and Vypers to provide the fire support.  Last up is my trusty Saim Hann style Eldar.  I played this army mostly before I got into Dark Eldar, and won much more than I lost with them.  I haven't really brought them out lately, but I think they excel in strait Win-Loss-Draw tournaments where a win by an inch counts the same as a win by a mile.

Well those are my choices!  What do you think?  Which list would be the most fun / most interesting to see in battle reports?