Converting Tyranid Lash Whips


So as with many things in the Tyranid book, the best options seem to be those which are left out.  This week I've decided to work on my bugs a bit more, and that means converting 18 Tyranid Warriors with Bonesword and Lash Whip.

First I chopped off a ripper tail, then drilled a 5/64" hole in it, to match the gauge of the thick copper wire I used.  Then I glued a spare claw-thing from the Trygon kit onto the end of the wire.  Finally, I glopped on some undiluted liquid greenstuff to bulk up the transitional areas between the plastic and copper wire.

After getting the rough shape, I did several layers of watered down liquid greenstuff to smooth out the whole whip and make the transitions really nice.

Here is the completed Tyranid Warrior:

The swords are from Paulson Games, in case you were wondering.  Go check him out, the quality is pretty good and the price is nice as well.