The Little Things

So, first off, okay, look, I lied, apparently. Word Bearers? No. That was a falsehood, spurred on by misinformation. Not only will I be doing Orks in the upcoming campaign, I will be part of a faction of Orks. In further twisted circumstances, possibly arranged by a devil, many devils, or even The Devil, I am the Hoary Old Ork Player in this group, the one dispensing wisdom to the young, both encouraging and chiding them with the same leathery old paw. Given the content that is forthcoming, you might see why this could come to terrible ends. Oh well. Horrors for us, comedy for you.

All that aside, let’s talk bits, shall we? Not the big ticket items - the Razorback turrets, missile launchers and “Psyrifleman Autocannon” sets - traded for bundles of cash by merchants to the discerning tournament player. There’s just no magic in that pact of commerce, so temporary and dependent on “meta,” “netlists” and all that other vocabulary which has no place here. Instead, let’s look at Orks with hats.

Orks with haaaaaaaats...

Big, bulky ideas may inspire, but it’s the little quirks of character and individuality that make a model. Not long ago, I purchased two tiny sacks of nothing but magic, and if you’ve been to GenCon, you know exactly where they came from. It’s that booth, the one with tons of individual models in plastic baggies for reasonable prices, kept in bins that are subsequently beset by drooling hordes, looking for something, anything, to get their paws on for a deal. Don’t lie, we’ve all been there, we’ve all been that guy, and felt the shame afterwards. I certainly was, as I am every year, but after that had all abated, I found myself in possession of two of these.

Oh, the bits.

Beyond the zombie hands and pointed sticks, there’s a mess of everything in there. Grenades. Pouches. Bows. Horns. Knives. Resin bits from models I’ve never even seen. Hats. These things add just a little bit of flare to a model, making them stand out enough to be noticable, but not enough to break them away from the squad. Should be fun. Look for more soon. Also, here’s a picture of an Ork with a chain!

Chain, Chain, Chaaaaaaaain!