I survived The Kalm!


So against my better judgment, I went to Alabama, in the midst if a national disaster to attend The Kalm.  We arrived a day later than expected due to being marooned in Dallas.  Upon arrival, I was greeted by over a dozen friendly gamers, some of which you may have heard of (I'll get to them later).  Within moments, beer bottles were being opened and shots poured.  The Kalm was originally planned to take place in a bar, but due to the fact that the entire county was electricity free, the organizer, George, was gracious enough to host the event in his beautiful home:

Right away I was challenged to a game against a mechanized eldar army, by a gentleman everyone called "Baby Cakes."  Having not fought that kind of eldar list yet, I figured I'd give it a shot.  We rolled 4 objectives and got to work.  It wasn't a crazy game, except the fact that throughout the entire game I killed 1 vehicle... with glances.  That's including the MM attack bike that hit and rolled snake eyes on rear armor, as well as 6 turns of firing 8 missiles per turn, sadly this set the tone for my weekend.  I did pull out a victory, but I felt defeated.

My second game was against a great opponent by the name of Dale.  He was our savior.  Driving from Louisiana, he brought us a gas generator, 20 gallons of fuel and a ton of AMAZING Cajun food, including some delicious crawdad jambalaya.  Like myself, his marine army was mostly on foot, but had some notable differences, such as the 10 Sternguard in drop pod, and massive squad of 10 assault terminators accompanied by a libby with Gate of Infinity and Null Zone.  I learned that 10 terminators beats my 5 pretty quickly as I struggled to get a tie with 2 remaining tactical marines left on the board.  Again, I didn't lose, but I felt crushed.  I did remember to take a picture of his army though:

As the night carried on, so did the booze and the warhammer.  I took a picture without a flash to give people an idea of what we were playing in, as well as the absolute horror that Paul (seen in the featured image) faced in the darkness.

Gee Paul, why so scared?


George and Walter (Iron Dog) were heavily engaged in drinking Absinthe and playing Blood Bowl, which is where Walter's Orcs were crushed by a team consisting of nothing but SNOTLINGS, the final score 2-0, to win the cup.  Walter blames it on the Absinthe, but I would too.

The next morning, after cleaning the house, we got right to 40k!  My first game was against none other than the famous Ork, Sukigod!  I was hanging out with him for a while the day before and we said we would be sure to get a game in, coincidentally, it was arranged for us.  It was a bit humbling playing with my half painted army against his beautiful Orks, but fun nonetheless...  My miserable defeat to be covered soon.

More photo's from The Kalm can be found on my Flickr, click here!