Infinity: Making a Table on a Budget

One of the great things about Infinity is that it's a skirmish game with a fairly low cost to get started. That said however, it can be quite costly to make a table for the game! Lately, I've been encouraging my FLGS to get enough terrain to run a 16-player tournament, meaning 8 tables. They have adequate terrain for one solid Infinity table, without delving too deeply into their 40k or Fantasy stuff, which doesn't quite look appropriate. I have enough for a table or two from my past adventures, plus one of the other players has a bit as well, meaning we need to cover a deficit of 3-4 tables. To fill this gap, I've been doing a bit of research, that I figured I could share with you guys, who might also be in the situation of wanting an Infinity table, but not wanting to spend $500 to get it done.

MDF Prefab Tables

A few manufacturers out there actually produce a complete set of MDF buildings to cover a 4x4 Infinity table. They all could use a bit of scatter, but that can be easy to come by, and there are plenty of inexpensive sources. Here are my favorite complete table options that I've found so far:

Black Sheep Industries

This great new company, who sells through Facebook, offers a set of buildings for a low price of $100. They're not terribly detailed, but they are designed to look like the Operation Icestorm buildings.


Shark Mounted Lasers

A bit of a step up from Black Sheep Industries is Shark Mounted Lasers. They've been making an optimized tournament table for some time now, that comes in at $169. It's noticeably more expensive than Black Sheep Industries, but for that price, you get some more detailed terrain, with a variety of shapes and heights. By adding some scatter, for about $200, you can get a great looking Infinity table.


Top Down Terrain

At the most expensive bundle on this list, Top Down Terrain makes an amazing set of quite large and detailed buildings for $179. You would need to add some scatter, but it definitely gets the job done with a whopping 12 buildings of various sizes.


DIY Buildings

With a bit of imagination and bits, you can make terrain out of almost anything. My personal favorite sources to make terrain however come in the form of electrical junction boxes and guttering. By using a variety of bits to add onto existing armatures, you can create some diverse looking terrain on a low budget. The Maelstroms Edge terrain sprue is an excellent source of good bits to sci-fi up some buildings.

Loading up on some various sized boxes and gutter pieces can really make a fantastic sci-fi table, also not to mention that it's reasonably cost and very durable.


Hopefully this gives you some ideas on your own gaming tables! If you have any more suggestions, please let me know in the comments!