Adepticon Recap, Part 1: ITS Campaign Tournament


At Adepticon I was able to play in two tournaments for Infinity, a one-day 3-game Campaign tournament, plus a two-day, 6-game ITS tournament. Preparing for the event was a bit tricky, as it took a while for the scenarios to get posted, and since my Infinity models were not yet painted, I had the extra problem of not knowing what I actually needed to paint to play. Fortunately for me, Michael, aka Barakiel, came to the rescue and allowed me to borrow his painted USAriadna army. I apologize that I forgot to take lots of pictures, or even take a lot of notes, but I'll do my best to give the highlights that I remember from each game.

The List

I started the game with USAriadna, but took a break from them when I realized it would be a while before enough models were out to really capitalize on the list in a 300 point game. Michael on the other hand picked up 3 full sets of the USAriadna army box, plus has an existing MRRF army to pull shared units from, such as Traktor Muls, Dozers, and the 112.  Using the models he had available for me to pick from, I quickly wrote two lists to begin practicing with, though due to moving, I was only able to get in one game with one of these lists. Coincidentally, I used only this one list for all 9 games I played over the weekend.

Combat Group 1

  • Traktor Mul Katyusha
  • Traktor Mul Minesweeper
  • Dozer with Traktor Mull Control Device
  • Grunt HMG
  • Grunt Sniper
  • Grunt FO
  • Grunt Heavy Flame Thrower
  • Grunt Rifle
  • Grunt FO

Combat Group 2

  • Grunt Grenade Launcher Lieutenant
  • 112
  • Van Zant
  • Foxtrot FO
  • Foxtrot FO
  • Foxtrot FO
  • Marauder Haris
  • Marauder Heavy Rocket Launcher
  • Marauder Paramedic

ITS Campaign Tournament

The first event happened on Thursday, it was a short, 3-game event to get people in the mood to roll dice the rest of the weekend. All three scenarios were  great for just rolling out and murdering the opponent, we played Safe Area, Frontline and Decapitation, in that order.

My first opponent was a Steel Phalanx army played by a really nice guy named Aaron. I had the first turn, and being very familiar with Steel Phalanx, I began my process of picking apart his army, sacrificing my HMG grunt to take out his Total Reaction bot, then pouring the Marauders 3 rocket shots per volley into Phoenix. It took a few orders, but eventually my higher burst and sitting in cover won out, taking out a majority of his long range threats. To make matters worse, that opened up the board for Zant to come in and do what he does. At this point we took a little break from the game and went to the vendor hall to score our HSN3 books... which we are quite thankful we did, because it sold out almost right after we bought our copy! When we got back we finished up the game and I had won 7-0.

Game two was against the legendary Kip Parcel, of Mayacast fame. Once I saw his army on the board, I realized that with a few minor exceptions, we were playing practically the same army! I won the roll off and foolishly decided to take sides over priority, then proceeded to do everything that I would want my opponent to do, moving into fire traps, taking poor shots, etc. By the end of the game he tabled me, which I deserved, but at least it was a really fun game.

The final game of the first event was against another Ariadna player, commanded by a great guy named Juan, who happened to appear out of nowhere, everywhere we went in Adepticon or our hotel, it would have been creepy if he wasn't so likable. He played a vanilla army, full of all the things people hate about Vanilla, Chasseurs, with Devil Dogs, Caterans, Foxtrots, and anything else he do to remind me that I had such a limited army. I don't remember much of the game, but I do remember how it ended, another loss for USAriadna.

I finished the first day 1-2, not my finest hour, but all three opponents were very enjoyable to play with, and overall I had a great time. To make things better, Obi won first place, taking home my coveted Krakot Mercenary. If I wanted to have a chance to get my own this weekend, I would have to win the GT.

Congrats to the winner!

Next up my recap of the ITS Grand Tournament. Can I beat my own amazing 1-2 record? You'll have to wait and see!