Blood and Petrol: Dark Future and The Devil's Run: Route 666

If you're anything like me, not only have you seen Mad Max: Fury Road at least once, but you've also been wanting to get in on the action! Stop guzzling gasoline and injecting your veins with motor oil, there's another way! Many moons ago, Games Workshop produced a great game called Dark Future, where you typically either played a band of roving road warriors, or the Ops working for government and private contracts to run down said renegades, or anything between.

The Rules

Back when the Specialist Games site was still around, Games Workshop was giving the rules away for free, it can still be found through an old link on their site, but for simplicity, I've hosted it here. Additionally, there's a living rulebook wiki that looks pretty nice.

They're a good mixture of simple and complex, with the basics of the game being fairly straight forward, while the advanced rules allow for all sorts of custom vehicles, turbo chargers, evasive maneuvers and anything else you can think of while driving a car on the post apocalyptic highways of America.

The Miniatures

It should come to no surprise that the miniatures for this game are LONG gone. That said, the game was actually designed to encourage you to convert your own out of Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and other 1/72 scale die-cast cars. These cars are incredibly inexpensive in miniature game terms, usually under $2 USD each, and with a bit of plasticard and imagination, you can make some cars right at home on Fury Road.

The Road

Now that we have the rules and the miniatures covered, what about the most important part, the road itself?! Well friends, there are templates on the Dark Future Living Rulebook wiki, and if you contact Ironheart Artisans, he may be able to cut some up with lasers for you.

By Darkseer

But Wait, There's More!

Maybe you don't like the idea of trying to get into a game that's been dead for 25 years, frankly, I don't blame you! It just so happens that right now, as we speak, there's a Kickstarter for a similar game going on!

The Devil's Run: Route 666


I could not encourage you enough to go check this out, I've already backed it and I can't wait to get the game in my hands. It includes game tiles as well as a decent range of miniatures.