2015 Hobby Update: Fun with Fatties

About a million years ago, I made a pledge to paint a bunch of stuff by the end of 2015, and with the year nearly half way over, I'm still committed to it and making progress! After a slight delay, I've finished painting my Judge Dredd gang, consisting of 3 Fatties and 5 fans. The Fatties however were a bigger undertaking. I sculpted the entire upper torso and arms of my fat leader, Beef Supreme, the leader of a band called Lard Core. The band manager, the guy in the black leather, only referred to as "Daddy" had new arms sculpted, man boobs, his belly hanging under his shirt, sun glasses, jowls and bandana, all from greenstuff. Finally Beef's little brother, Clarence, in his custom made hover chair, and sporting band patches from all of his favorites (and a few of mine). All of the fans were made from an old Dredd street punk plastic kit, though I made the placards out of plasticard, holding signs with song names from Lard Core's hit album, The World is your Sandwich.