TDA Circuit Tournament #1: Saturday 11/16 - Comic Quest in Lake Forest, CA - 1,500 pts


Comic Quest Tournament Guidelines (modified Bay Area Open Tournament Format: )1,500 points. Standard Warhammer 40k Codices / Army Lists (No Forgeworld)

Please RSVP here or on the Comic Quest GamesWorkshop Facebook Group page:

Tournament #1 in The Dice Abide 2013-2014 Tournament Circuit (

Date: Saturday, November 16

Location: Comic Quest 23811 Bridger Rd. #100 Lake Forest, CA 92630 (949) 951-9668

Cost: TBA (Free or $5 buy-in / $10 purchase)

Schedule of Events: 11:00 - 11:30 Registration & Set-Up 11:30 - 11:45 First Round Pairings 11:45 - 2:00 Round 1 2:00 - 2:30 Lunch 2:30 - 4:45 Round 2 4:45 - 5:00 Break 5:00 - 7:15 Round 3 7:15 - 7:30 Award Ceremony

40K Tournament Format

*Every scenario has a total of 10 possible points. *Whoever has the most points, wins. Equal points is a tie. There are no degrees of victory, winning by 1 point or 10 is counted the same. *The tournament is W/L/D format, with accumulated points used to determine standings within a given final bracket. For example, if you end the event with a 2-1 record, you will be ranked within that bracket according to how many battle points you accumulated throughout the event. The official scoring is 1,000pts for a win, 500pts for a tie and then accumulated points within the game. So, a player with a 2-1 record who accumulated 7 points in each of his 3 games would end with a final score of (2,021points). We score it this way so that the W/L/D record trumps accumulated points, but points earned throughout the tournament matter in determining your precise ranking in the event. *Pairings are Swiss style, based on strength of schedule.


Each scenario is built using two book missions played simultaneously with all 3 book bonus points. Each mission is distinct, for example, Heavy Support units in Big Guns Never Tire can not take the Relic. Winning one mission earns that player its points. If a mission is tied, neither player earns the points. Any bonus points earned via Warlord traits, etc. apply to the primary mission only. For example, if your Warlord becomes a scoring unit, that will only apply to the primary mission.

In the Scouring, each player places 2 objectives in their opponent’s deployment zone and 1 outside of either player’s deployment zone following normal objective placement rules (6 total on the board for the Scouring). Each player has a 1, 2, and 3 point objective, which are revealed just before the role to seize the initiative as normal. You will end up with 2 objectives in no man’s land, and 2 in each deployment zone. Destroying fast attack choices counts for points to this mission.

In Big Guns Never Tire, each player places 2 objectives, one in their own deployment zone, the other in their opponent’s following normal objective placement rules (4 total for this objective on the table). You will end up with 2 in each deployment zone. Destroying Heavy Support choices counts for points to this mission.

Book bonus points are added to the total, not to each mission. For example, if you win the Primary mission, lose the Secondary Mission, and get First Blood, Slay the Warlord, but not Linebreaker, you would have scored 6 points total (4 for primary, 0 for secondary and 2 of the 3 book bonus points for 6 total). You will have a score sheet for each scenario that makes tallying the points very straightforward.

*All Fortifications are allowed. If you are placing a large Fortification that would displace a piece of terrain already on the board, simply remove it. *Mysterious objectives are used. *Mysterious Terrain is not used. *If you roll your Warlord trait out of the BRB, you roll once and choose any trait with that number. If rolling out of a codex, generate the trait as normal.

Scenario 1: Emperor’s Will (4pts) and Crusade (3pts): Dawn of War Deployment. There are always 3 Crusade Objectives placed outside of either player’s deployment zone. Emperor’s Will objectives are placed in each player’s own deployment zone. Scenario 2: The Relic (4pts) and Big Guns Never Tire (3pts): Vanguard Strike Deployment. There are always 4 objectives for Big Guns Never Tire. See scenario guidelines. Scenario 3: The Scouring (4pts) and Purge the Alien (3pts): Dawn of War Deployment. There are always 6 objectives for The Scouring, 2 of which must always go outside either player’s deployment zone. See scenario guidelines.

Mission Order of Operations

1. Roll for Warlord Traits and generate Psychic powers. Each player rolls 1D6, chooses any of the three Warlord Traits with that number for their trait. If rolling from a codex Warlord Table, roll for the power as normal. 2. Roll for Night Fighting. 3. Roll for Sides. The player rolling highest chooses their deployment zone (but does not yet deploy their army, as normal) and deploys any Fortifications. The player going second then does the same. 4. Place objectives, with the player that chose their deployment zone first, placing the first objective. This can be any objective. The Relic automatically goes in the middle and is placed before any other objectives. 5. Roll for first turn as normal, following book guidelines for deploying forces, reserves, Seize the Initiative, etc