Attention all Southern California Warhammer 40k Players

Announcing the 2013-2014 Comic Quest Tournament Circuit by The Dice Abide

Starting this November (2013) Comic Quest will host monthly Warhammer 40k tournaments.  Each of these tournaments will have a distinct winner who will receive a certificate and/or prize commemorating their glorious victory!

In addition to monthly tournaments, in December of 2014 (yes, that's a long ways away), we will be hosting an Invitational Tournament for the Top 8 competitors over the year.

How do we determine the Top 8?  We will be using the ELO rating system - the same system they use in chess competitions.  Whereas each monthly tournament will reset (meaning the results from previous tournaments will have no effect on the current tournament), the ELO rating will stay with a player throughout the year and be adjusted accordingly based on their wins and losses.  After each tournament, I'll make two posts - one highlighting the results from the monthly tournament, and one highlighting the current overall standings / ELO ratings. You can read more about ELO ratings here:

Tournaments throughout the year will either be 1500 or 1750 points, and utilize either the single mission or a modified Bay Area Open mission format.  Win / Loss record will determine the tournament winners, with any tiebreakers being determined by victory points accumulated throughout the tournament.

A note on me (Nick, the TO): So far, we have had an odd number of people in the first 3  tournaments where I have stepped in to play.  I will continue to play in tournaments that have an odd number of people so that nobody has to sit out.  However, if I ever get lucky enough to be in a position to win a tournament, I will defer the honors (and prize, if any) to the second place competitor.  I will also update my own ELO throughout the year, but will not compete in the Invitational Tournament.  I think this is a better way to handle things than just having me act as a Ringer and giving an automatic win to the odd person out.  If anyone has concerns about this please let me know.

The first tournament will be hosted on November 16 at Comic Quest.  Please RSVP on the Facebook group or send me an e-mail at Nick@thediceabide(dot)com.  More information on that tournament will be up by November 2. Space is limited to 12 people.

Comic Quest has been around for a long time (they sold me my first mini's back in 1996, and first Magic Cards back in 1993), but only recently re-opened their gaming area space.  We're hoping that this tournament circuit brings them more business and rewards a local store for providing a gaming area for their customers!

For more information please submit a request to join the Facebook Group: Comic Quest GamesWorkshop ( or check out for regular updates.

Comic Quest is located at:
Comic Quest 23811 Bridger Rd. #100 Lake Forest, CA 92630 (949) 951-9668
Visit for more information