Kickstarter: Mega Mat, Heroquest, and more!


Oh man, it seems like it's a good time for miniatures on Kickstarter!  This last week saw two very awesome miniatures-related Kckstarters get underway plus a ton more!

Frontline Gaming's Mega Mat


There are many products on the market to provide a good surface to play Wargames on, however, I've always thought there was room for improvement.  Plastic and wood game boards are expensive and heavy and can be a pain to put terrain down on, or on the opposite end of the spectrum you have latex mats which look good but take a bit of work to paint, are fragile and shrink over time.  Well, now Frontline Gaming has come to the rescue with a game mat that is reasonably priced (under $100), easy to store, and looks fantastic!  I'm not just pitching this because Reece is a buddy of mine (though that may be why it's the first on my list), but I'm honestly impressed with this product and have already signed up to get 2.  I would highly suggest this for any gamer!

Check out the campaign on Kickstarter.


Heroquest 25th Anniversary


Oh my god, Heroquest is back!  This was one of my favorite games back in the day, where my friend Damen (a.k.a. Man Faye, google at your own risk) and I would stay up late, slaying goblins and undead only to face off with a mighty Bloodthrister at the end... it was epic and a huge part of what got me into wargaming.  Well now it's back with miniatures sculpted by one of the finest companies in the world, Gamezone, so color me excited as hell!

Check out the Campaign on Kickstarter.


DS'tone Art - Space Game Mats


I don't play any space games these days, but if I did, this would be fantastic!  I know that X-wing is gaining in popularity, so this is a perfect time to get an inexpensive game mat to play on.

Check out the campaign on Kickstarter.


Game & Gears Battle Board


Laser cutting is all the rage and people are always finding more ways to make it useful for wargames, so while we're on the subject of game boards and mats, here's another one!  They have several themes available, mostly around sci-fi themes, but also a medieval city street.  If you're into Dropzone Commander you should really check out their properly scaled city, for about $100 you can get a very nice cityscape, just add the DCZ cardboard buildings and you're set!

Check out the campaign on Kickstarter.


Labyrinths: Customized Modular Dungeon Terrain


Finally to the last game board I've liked so far on Kickstarter, we have the Labyrinths.  There have been many companies before to make similar products, though the most popular was always Hirst Molds, but now there is a fairly inexpensive option for GM's everywhere.  The basic kit is only about $50, so pick up a few and make a kick ass dungeon!

Check out the campaign on Kickstarter.


War & Empire - The Miniatures Game of Ancient Warfare


Usually, I don't give a damn about historic games, especially 15mm scale ones, but while scouring Kickstarter this game really stood out to me.  The miniatures look fantastic and the entry cost is very affordable, which makes sense, they're by one of my favorite companies, Westwind Productions.  If you want to be your own Alexander the Great, then by all means this is the game for you.

Check out the campaign on Kickstarter.


Doublesix Dice


Custom dice are always fun to play with, and we all know how often D6's end up cocked because of their large flat sides and lack of tendency to roll in general (tires aren't cubes for a reason).  Well some smart kid on Kickstarter has put together a fun little campaign to make some 12-sided D6's!  They're pretty inexpensive and the novelty is at least a little fun, so I think I'll have to pick up a set.

Check out the campaign on Kickstarter


Circuit Scribe


Last but not least is Circuit Scribe.  It has nothing to do with wargames, but it looks fun as hell to play with!

Check out the campaign on Kickstarter.