1750 Chaos Marines: Pushing the Envelope


So by checking out the meta, there are still plenty of serpent spam lists floating around, as well as the dreaded riptide star.  One thing that both of those lists have in common is a general lack of anti AV-14.  Since the game is won and lost by scoring troops, I've decided to shift the focus from killing death stars to killing scoring units while keeping my own alive as long as possible.

Arkos the Faithless: 130

10 Chaos Marines: 2 Plasma Guns, Bolters: 170 10 Chaos Marines: 2 Plasma Guns, Bolters: 170 9 Chaos Marines: Meltagun, BP/CCW, Champion with Combi-melta: 147 10 Chaos Cultists: 50 10 Chaos Cultists: 50

Heldrake: Baleflamer: 170 Heldrake: Baleflamer: 170

Chaos Land Raider: 230 Chaos Land Raider: 230 Chaos Land Raider: 230

Total: 1,747

For those unfamiliar, Arkos the Faithless is a pretty nasty special character who lets you re-roll table sides, as well as re-roll for seize the initiative.  He has a rending +2S power sword, a combi-melta and gives his unit counter attack, in short, he's a ton of utility for a very low cost.  The rest of the list is simple, the cultists reserve to score back field objectives, while the Land Raiders lumber forward with my mid-field scoring units.  6 twin-linked lascannons should be enough to put a few dents in the enemy and blast apart their transports before the Heldrake swoops in to finish them off.  Think it'll work?