For the Love of Cyris: Why I'm Playing WMH Again


So while I've been cranking away on my Black Legion in preparation for the Las Vegas Open, I've also been playing a bit of Warmachine.  This game is one that has always been on my radar, and I've even played it a bit in the past, first with Cryx when the game had just been released, and then a couple years ago with Skorne and Khador.  Until now though, most of the factions had a range of minis that I didn't entirely appreciate.  Skorne had awesome elephant men, and Khador had the great looking Man-O-War units, but as a whole, I couldn't imagine building 3 50-point lists for these factions, mostly due to the models.  Well my friends, times have changed! 36010_IronMother_WEB

The play style of the Convergence of Cyriss is quite unlike other factions.  They benefit greatly from having a large number of Vectors and don't seem to suffer from the Infantry > All sickness that the other Warmachine factions suffer from.  Additionally, their vectors seem very recyclable; one big issue I had with my Khador and Skorne was that to make multiple lists, I pretty much had to buy an entirely new army for the faction I already play.  Since I like the entire Convergence of Cyriss line of minis, and because their heavy is so easy to magnetize, I don't feel like I'm wasting money on miniatures I don't want.  Tricky Privateer Press... very tricky.

Because of Focus Induction, to play them really well is going to take a TON of practice, but this is kind of exactly what I want out of the game.  Really, it's a lot more about micromanagement and order of operations than most other war games, and I think that developing those skills more finely will actually help my game in 40k and Fantasy, as well.


Finally, the last reason I'm kind of excited about my Convergence force is that they are so easy to paint.  I do really enjoy painting, but I find the free time I've had to paint lately has been dwindling.  My paint scheme for CoC is actually pretty much like it is in the book, but by using Tamiya aircraft spray paints, I can get the army basecoated very quickly, then it's just a matter of painting the brass sections, doing black wash on some surfaces while blacklining others, then some glowing blue bits, and bam!  Finished.  Keep your eyes peeled for a painting guide by me in the very near future.


Anyhow, that's my little rant of praise for the Convergence, I cant wait to see more of the line fleshed out. Now I just got back to waiting for my two Prime Axioms to be delivered.