Confused Rules: Mindstrike Missile Sniping


Lately the Sisters of Battle came out with a new Codex the Psy-shock rule caught some attention, before it was briefly nerfed to be in-line with the way that the Grey Knight rules have been printed.  This made me think though, Mindstrike Missiles have the same wording.  Literally every GK player I've met has been playing it that if the template covers a psyker at all, then that psyker will take a Perils, even if 0 hits are allocated to him. A bit of reading has shown that this is absolutely, 100% WRONG.

First of all, here is how Psi-shock is worded under the Mindstrike Missile entry:

Any psyker hit by a mindstrike missile suffers the Perils of the Warp in addition to any other effects.

Going back over the rulebook, this is how blast weapons are worded

Once the final position of the blast marker has been determined, take a good look at it from above - the unit suffers one hit for each model with its base fully or partially beneath the blast marker (see diagram).

Once the number of hits inflicted on the unit has been worked out, roll To Wound and save as normal. Any unsaved Wounds are then allocated on the unit as for a normal shooting attack.

What this means is that the psyker is only hit, if the psyker is the closest model to the Storm Raven, and only if he fails his look out sir attempts.  This is quite different than how many GK players have been playing it, much to the dismay of Tyranid players everywhere.