Jumping Back into Fantasy


So you guys may have noticed that when I first started this blog, it was all about 40k... then it was all about Fantasy... and lately it's been all about 40k.  Well, that's because I write about what I happen to be distracted by at the moment.  Lately my local game group has been playing a ton of 40k, plus GW has created a really fun line of Chaos Marine miniatures for me to get my dirty hands all over.  Now that I've got most of my 20,000 point Chaos Marine army built, and painting has commenced, I've decided that I should probably get back to Fantasy once more. Wood-Elf

If you recall, last we really spoke about Fantasy, I was getting ready to start Wood Elves, so that's where I'm going to continue from!  Tonight I'll be playing a game with a very diverse army list, basically a little bit of everything.  My friends aren't bringing their hardest lists, so this will give me the opportunity to try out a bunch of units that I've never used before.

Spellweaver: Talisman Of Preservation; Wand of Wych Elm; Level 4 Wizard; Lore of Life. 350

Noble: Hail of Doom Arrow; Asyendi's Bane; Dragonbane Gem; Battle Standard; light armour. 137

8 Dryads 96 8 Dryads 96 18 Glade Guard: Lord's Bowman; Musician; Standard Bearer; Banner Of Eternal Flame. 250 9 Scouts: Lord's Bowman. 159 6 Glade Riders: Musician. 153 6 Glade Riders: Musician. 153

6 Tree Kin 390 10 Wardancers: Musician. 187

Great Eagle 50 Great Eagle 50 Treeman 285 6 Waywatchers 144

2,500 points

Like I said, this list is actually kind of a mess, but it does give me the opportunity to try out a variety of units.  The reason I'm doing this is because I strongly believe the key to writing any list is to fully understand your options.  While on the surface everyone says that Wardancers and Waywatchers are useless, I think it's important to treat them as if they are good and figure out which roles they excel in.  This was how I was able to turn the often consider awful Beastman army into a force that all of my opponents feared.

Do I expect to win?  Not really, but I'll probably learn a thing or two at the very least!