A Tale of Two (Chaos) Land Raiders

I've always thought that Land Raiders, more than any other Marine Tank, should be treated as an individual.  Venerated for it's own personality and treated accordingly.  Each one has a unique machine spirit, history and temperament.  With that in mind, I've taken to building 2 of my eventual 3 Chaos Land Raiders. The first of which, the Iron Monger, is a heavily armored and increasingly reliable Land Raider, which has served the Black Legion for countless millenia.  It is not overly baroque, but instead kept fairly simple and brutal.

My second Land Raider, the War Shrine, is the total opposite.  Constantly needing sacrifices to appease it's Machine Spirit, it has turned into a mighty shrine to the powers of Chaos.  Covered in the skulls of sacrifices, blasphemous tomes, candles and braziers.

For those of you who are interested, the extra armor comes from The Dark Works, he's a fantastic guy trying to get started making some beautiful Chaos tank bits.