IA:Apocalypse and Chaos 40k Players


So unless you're living under a rock, you might have noticed that Imperial Armour Apocalypse was just released today, and damn, it looks good!  It includes updated rules for damn near everything (that isn't in the 40k Apoc book or in IA:Aeronautica)! Here's the Table of Contents:


For 40k that means:

  • Chaos Storm Eagle
  • Chaos Spartan Assault Tank
  • Chaos Relic Predator
  • Chaos Contemptor
  • Chaos Decimator
  • Blight Drone
  • Blood Slaughterer
  • Plague Hulk

I'm guessing the last 2-3 might be for Daemons only, but I'm really hoping they're allowed to be taken by Chaos Marines as well as Daemons (as the Blight Drones already can do).

FW has been nice enough to give us little sneak peeks at some of these units.  The Storm Eagle (and Thunderhawk) can be seen here:


The points are blurred out, but we can see that it's largely unchanged from IA:Aeronautica, but does have updated point costs for the vehicle upgrades.

Doing a little more digging you can see the Chaos Spartan and Chaos Relic Predator in the FW video on youtube:


That one is a little harder to read, but some important notes are that the Chaos Spartan can buy Armoured Ceramite and Frag Launchers, just like it's Loyalist counterpart as well as Dirge Casters... Gross!

The Relic Predator has the options for Magna-melta Cannons, Flamestorm Cannons, Heavy Conversion Beamers, Twin-linked Lascannons and Plasma Destroyers.  I can't tell what the costs for the upgrades are, but if they're reasonable, this can be quite fun for us Chaos Marine players!