Gamescrape, the 5th - a Steamroller 2013 Tournament Report


We're back with another Warmachine/Hordes tournament report. This one was the 5th Gamescrape, though this time it was couched as a Warmachine only tournament. The idea was to give out Warmachine faction coins (in addition to Gamescape gift certificates for the top 3) rather than the usual 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ones. With Retribution of Scyrah being his faction of choice, Alex Kosma went undefeated to strongly secure 1st place. Taking 2nd was the winner of the previous Gamescrape, Dan Christensen (aka Brian D, aka Squinty McQuiet) fielding Khador and Alex's brother, Nick Kosma, took 3rd with his Protectorate of Menoth. While Alex, Dan and Nick won best Retribution, Khador and Protectorate by default, it was Tyler Canales who took best Cygnar, Eric Lin who took best Cryx and Brenden Clark who took best (on account of being the only) Mercenaries. While the theme of the event was ideally to be entirely Warmachine, no one who wanted to play was to be turned away, thus there were a couple of Hordes players taking part as well; Patrick playing Legion of Everblight and Daniel with his Thornfall Alliance. Considering the size of the gaming area in Gamescape, there was a fine turn out and we hope to have another tournament before the end of summer. Below are some nice pics of the days action. Eric's Mortenebra run Kraken gathers corpses of the faithful from Nick's Severius1 force. Mortenebra vs. PSevy

Tyler's Caine2, merc-intensive army jams into Beau's Ravyn run army. Ravyn vs. ECaine

Feora2's Judicator blasts Stryker1 out of existence with rockets and flame throwers. PStryker gets flamed to death by EFeora's Judicator

The Carver-led Thornfall army wins against the Haley1 Cygnar force on scenario after die down. Carver wins on dice down against PHaley

Eric's Deneghra1 force fails to kill Dan's Butcher1, thus Dan wins on scenario at the end of the turn. PDenny fails to kill PButcher

Jamar's Denegrha2 themed force feats and advances upon Tyler's Haley1 army. EDenny vs. PHaley

Kyle's Coven run Cryx list gets charged by Dan's Old Witch led Khador. Old Witch vs. the Coven

Patrick's Saeryn led Legion get jammed by Nick's Kreoss2 Protectorate theme force. Saeryn vs. EKreoss

After damaging Skarre badly early in the game, (thanks to Kylyssa) the Phoenix shoots through a Kraken to kill her. Kylyssa's Hydra kills PSkarre

Brenden's Ossrum army advances on Jordi's Haley1 army.PHaley vs. Ossrum

Caine2 takes a large chunk of damage and is set ablaze by the Phoenix's sword. He dies to fire the following turn.ECaine gets killed by a Phoenix

Daniel's Dr. Arkadius is about to be shot to pieces by Beau's Kylyssa led force. Arkadius vs. Ravyn

Eric's pirate-heavy Denegrha1 army (left) advances on Reid's Mortenebra force. Cryx v. Cryx

Rather than lose on scenario, Ossrum makes a brave last stand against one of Skarre's two Krakens.  Ossrum gets dismembered by PSkarres kraken

Alex's Retribution and Dan's Khador square off to see who'll take first. Kylyssa vs. PButcher

After Butcher gets slammed into his Kodiak by way of a Banshee's gun, Kylyssa charges to remove focus/deal a good amount of damage, followed by the Phoenix trampling over Gorman and buying attacks to finish off Butcher. Kylyssa finishes off the Butcher