Gamescrape, the 4th - a Steamroller 2013 Tournament Report


Back in April we had another SR2013 event at Gamescape SF, once again dubbed the Gamescrape (the fourth). Due to several schedule conflicts and last minute cancellations (one of which being John Johnson waking up hungover in someone's garden an hour after the tournament started) we had a meager turnout of only 9 people, but none the less good times were had. In the end, Dan (better known as Brian D) with his Legion of Everblight took 1st place. Jamar (hissy fit aside) took 2nd with his Cryx and Elliot made a good showing with his Trollbloods, earning 3rd. We endeavour to have tournaments and book release events more frequently in the future, so if you're interested just check in with Gamescape SF every now and again to see what's coming up. Below are some pics of the days action. Jamar's Goreshade2 force engages Alex's Kylyssa army.  Goreshade2 and Kylyssa close Lex's Feora2 army get's jammed by Mark's wolves, led by Kruger1.Feora2 vs Kruger1

Kraye gets assassinated by Angelius fire. Kraye dies to Angelius fire

With Rask at the helm, Beau's Blindwater Congregation advance on Elliot's Trollblood army, led by Doomshaper1. Rask and Doomshaper1 close

Kruger1 get's knocked down by a Mauler and finished off by Doomshaper himself. Krueger gets clubbed by Doomshaper

Saeryn's heap o' beasts face off against Mortenebra's heap o' jacks to determine the winner of the event. Saeryn and Mortenebra's forces closing

After a narrowly failed assassination attempt, Rask gets nickled and dimed to death by Kylyssa and the Mage Hunter Strike Force. Rask gets nickle and dimed to death by Kylyssa's forces

Upon realizing post-charge how unpleasant Doomshaper1's feat can be, Kreoss3 decides to camp his remaining focus and hope for the best. Unfortunately for him, Mulg had other ideas. Mulg pulps Kreoss