Apocalypse: I Love the D...estroyer


So Apocalypse is here, rejoice!  The previous edition of Apocalypse had a big issue with Destroyer weapons, so the first thing I did this time was to take a look and inventory all of the Destroyer Weapons this edition.  To my surprise there weren't as many this edition as there were before, and with the exception of tome of the larger titans, none of them have bigger than a 5" blast.

  • Shadowsword: < 500 points, 120" Range, Large Blast
  • Librarius: 5+ Librarians, Warp Charge 4, 24", Large Blast
  • Thunderhawk: > 750 with Turbo Laser, 96", Large Blast
  • Cult of Destruction: 3+ Mutilators, 6+ Obliterators, 48", BS4
  • Lord of Skulls: < 900, Melee Only
  • Thousand Sons War Coven: 4+ Sorcerers, Warp Charge 2, 48", 1 shot per sorcerer, kills a sorcerer per shot.
  • Stompa: > 750, Melee Only
  • Phantom Titan: 2500, 8x 120" range, large blasts, or 2x 72" 10" blasts
  • Revenant Titan: 900, 4x 60" range large blasts
  • Sunstorm Squadron: 4+ Fire Prisms, 120" range, Apocalyptic Megablast (only the 5" part is Destroyer)
  • Baleful Necropolis: 8 Monoliths and a Tesseract Vault, 24+", BS4
  • Tesseract Vault: < 500+ points, Hellstorm
  • Transcendent C'tan: < 600+ points, Hellstorm
  • Macrocannon Aquilla Strongpoint: > 500 points, 72" range, Large Blast, 2 shots
  • Vortex Missile Aquilla Strongpoint: > 500 points, infinite range, large blast
  • Reaver Titan: < 1500 points, 8x 96" Large Blasts
  • Warhound Titan: > 700 points, 4x 96" Large Blasts

So that's a complete list.  Aside from the true Titans (Phantom, Revenant, Reaver and Warhound), it's about  500 points for a Destroyer Weapon shot, which is totally appropriate.  The Phantom Titan pays an average of 312.5 points per Destroyer Weapon, then the Revenant clocks in at 225 per shot.  Neither of those compares to the Imperial Titans which pay a mere 181.25 per Destroyer shot and the Warhound who pays an even 180 points per Destroyer blast.

What does all this mean? Well, hopefully it means less house rules around the Destroyer weapons, though I can see people prohibiting taking duplicate weaponry on the Warhound and Reaver, because if they spam it, there's no reason a Warhound wouldn't tear apart every titan or gargantuan creature on the field.