Dirty Tricks: Abaddon Slingshot


So I'm loving my Black Legion.  So much so that I actually just ordered 200 Forgeworld shoulder pads for them!  Call me obsessed, but there's something about Abaddon that just excites me.  That said, on the battlefield, he's a bit of a slug.  His terminator armor excludes him from moving across the board in a timely manner without a substantial investment in a Land Raider, and once you get the Land Raider, you're going to want some Chaos Terminator lackeys to tag along... In the end, you have an investment of over 600 points, just to get some face beating going on.  There must be a better way! chaos_spawn_superYes, I'm actually suggesting that Chaos Spawn may be the answer here.  Now before you go on griping about how Abaddon only moves 6" and will thus slow down the unit, don't forget that this is 6e we're playing here, times have changed!  Models now move their full distance on a per-model basis, meaning that while Abaddon will be trundling up the board at 6" a turn, his unit will not.  So how does this help?  Slingshot!

Step 1:

Clearly we want him getting as close to the enemy as possible, so lets be sure to deploy him as far forward as possible.


Step 2:

Move forward.



In 2 turns of movement, the front spawn will reach the front edge of the enemy deployment zone, by this time, if there's nothing in charge range, then your opponent is already tabled, congratulations.  Since only one model needs to be in charge range, it's quite likely that after your first move, Abaddon will be able to be dragged along by his slavering fiends, only to deliver him into combat much faster than he would have normally.

This technique works for any army really, and for other CSM characters as well.  Typhus surprisingly doesn't have SnP, so you can even run with him tagging along.  Or hell, why not have both Typhus and Abaddon in a unit of 5 Nurgle Spawn as a speedy death star of doom?!  That might be a bit much...


Guess who just got some new running shoes?