Converting: Hellbrutes with Combat Weapons


It turns out that Hellbrutes are dirt cheap on ebay!  For that reason alone, I decided that I should probably pick up another bunch of 3 of these guys for my Chaos Marines.  Unsure of what to arm them with, I decided that since they're not exactly the most amazing choice, it really didn't matter what I gave them, so I went with the Rule of Cool.  Scouring ebay, I also managed to find 6 Dreadfire combat weapons, which turned out to look pretty awesome on the Hellbrute.  Thinking with Apocalypse in mind, I thought there is a chance of a Hellbrute formation, so I was sure to make one of them look leaderly with a few bits from the Daemon Prince.  The result of some mad hacking and supergluing was quite nice.  A bit of green stuff and they'll be battle ready! photo 2

photo 1

photo 3