More Dice That Abide: Club Abide Custom Dice


For those in the know, we've created a San Francisco based gaming club, called Club Abide.  To commerate this, I've also got several hundred dice made!  If you're interested in showing off your excellent taste in blogs that you read by rolling some sexily crafted dice, send an email to!  They'll be $10 a set (12 dice and a clear dice box) plus shipping, and I'll ship anywhere in the world on your dime!  The proceeds will all go to the club, and be used for event prizes, scenery, booze and hookers! clubAbideDice



There is one caveat, once I'm out, I'm out. Just like the previous dice, I will not be making an additional run of this design on this color, so act fast if you're interested!  First come, first served!