Eldar Back in Style... Start of a Project Log


Let me start off by saying that I'm a collector.  More than a painter, or even a player at this point, I enjoy collecting.  Quietly (or not so quietly), I've been collecting a massive amount of Eldar.  Buying job lots on DakkaDakka, eBay and Bartertown, keeping some stuff for myself and selling the rest.  My goal was simple, to amass a large Eldar army while the Codex was unpopular (and the second hand market cheaper). Now there's just one small problem.  None of this stuff is painted, or if it is painted, it's a mix mash of paint schemes from the various auctions or lots they were purchased from.  Once the Codex drops I'm going to have to work fast in order to get my army ready, as there are two upcoming GT's I plan on attending; Anime Expo in LA (July 6-7), and The Golden Throne (August 2-4).

I've settled on a Mymeara theme, as I really like the turquoise/jade green combination.  With the use of an airbrush, I should be able to get my army to a basic 3-color standard by July, and expand upon the paint scheme after that.

Does anyone else have an Eldar army they've just been waiting to work on?

Now, just for the heck of it, here's my Eldar collection to date (I figured since I took the time to catalog it, I might as well share it with someone, right?!)

HQ: 2 Avatar All Phoenix Lords Eldrad 8 Farseers, 14 Warlocks Yriel 2 Autarch on Jetbikes Wraithseer

ELITES: 45 Harlequins 40 Wraithguard 36 Fire Dragons 34 Striking Scorpions 21 Howling Banshees

TROOPS: 79 Dire Avengers 40 Rangers 95 Guardians 41 Storm Guardians 28 Jetbikes

FAST ATTACK: 18 Vypers 23 Swooping Hawks 30 Warp Spiders

HEAVY SUPPORT: 9 Support Weapons 6 Wraithlords 18 Dark Reapers 9 War Walkers 4 Fire Prism 3 Fire Prism / Night Spinner 7 Falcons 3 Warp Hunters 2 Fire Storms

TRANSPORTS: 10 Wave Serpents


On Pre-Order: 3 Wraithknights 3 Flyers 20 Wraithguard / Wraithblades Spiritseer

Illic Nightspear