Ogre Slaughtermaster WIP

So in getting ready for the BAO, I've decided that I should bust out the ol' green stuff and get cracking on a new Slaughtermaster to lead my brutish force. I started off with a normal GW Tyrant model, then proceeded to add some extra chins and a big gut with Greenstuff.  The crown was simply made using the helmet on the existing model, cut down into the crown band, with a few points made from plasticard and then just some greenstuff for the dome of his head.

The cape was made by rolling the greenstuff flat on a piece of tin foil, where I sculpted in the wrinkles, holes and tears, then formed it to the correct shape (tin foil is just strong enough to hold) and let it cure.  When dry, I removed the foil and glued it into place.