GameScrape, the 3rd - Steamroller 2012 Tournament Report


On December 9th we had the third GameScrape Steamroller 2012 tournament at Gamescape in San Francisco. Technically it was the last, as 2012 has passed and a new and fairly different Steamroller tournament pack will be coming in 2013. Because it was both the last 2012 event we'd be running and because we had scenario supplies that will be useless in the next version of the rules, all scenarios we ran used the soon to be outdated zones. In addition, there was a requirement that all lists had to be theme forces that got to at least tier 2, making for some less conventional lists. Due to the time of year only nine people were able to make it, but regardless good times were had. Curiously, the top three players all played the same list for all four rounds. Dan Christenson got third place with Absylonia's Winds of Change theme force, Alex Kosma got second with Rahn's Charge of the Battle Mages theme force and, though not undefeated this time, Ben Curly yet again got first with (of all casters) Calaban's Bad Religion theme force. Below are some pics with captions of the days action (and above you can see Beau's phantom limb/a glitch in the matrix)._______________________________________________________________________

Ben's Gators closing with Dan's Legion. image

Mark shoves his Wolves of Orboros into the face of Eddie's Precursor Knight intensive Constance Blaize army. image

In the foreground Brendan's Retribution (right) take on Mark's Circle (left) and in the back Ben's Gators (left) battle Dan's Legion (right). image

Thyra gets slaughtered by more than a few Gatormen. image

Epic Stryker getting scalpeled out and killed via several of Rahn's forces nasty pull abilities. image

In the background Beau's Cygnar (left) battle Jamar's (right) Skorne, while in the fore Lex's Protectorate (right) advance on Alex's Retribution (left). image

Rasheth and his Chain Gang advance on Blaize's Army of Light. image

After getting sprayed by Typhon a few times and charged by a STR 15 Absylonia with Reach, Rahn is left with 1 health and does her in on the next turn. image