Ogre Kingdoms: Perfecting the Juggernaut


I've always had a soft spot for my Ogre Kingdoms, and as you may have read before, I have put a lot of work into creating an utterly indestructible list for them... That lasted just fine, until last night, when THEY LOST!  I know, I was shocked too.  I played against my friend with a particularly disgusting Empire army, consisting of a horde of Inner Circle Knights, 2 Steam tanks, laser cart, demigryphs, pistoliers and assorted characters.  I managed to redirect him to frustration with my hounds, and was able to get the charge on his knights, and after 2 turns, I broke and got ran down.

So what happened?  Basically, I rolled like crap.  But is that an excuse?  Frankly, I think it's a copout to blame luck.  Really what happened is that I relied on rolling average, I didn't have a contingency plan, safety net, or anything else to really help in case things didn't go my way.  With that said, I've decided that I need a surefire means to be sure this doesn't happen again, I'm going to learn from my mistakes.  What does that mean?  To put it bluntly, Crown of Command.

Slaughtermaster: Glittering Scales, Crown of Command, Dispel Scroll, Sword of Striking, ironfist

Bruiser: BSB, Ironfist, heavy armour, Lookout Gnoblar, The Rune Maw Butcher: Great weapon, Hellheart

15 Ironguts: Full Command, Standard of Discipline

4 Mournfang Cavalry: Bellower, standard bearer, ironfists, heavy armour, Dragonhide banner 6 Leadbelchers: Bellower Sabretusk Sabretusk Sabretusk

Ironblaster Ironblaster

Total: 2,496

This is very similar to my army in the past, except I squeezed in another Sabretusk and the equipment on my Slaughtermaster is a bit different.  You'll notice that I haven't listed my magic lores, frankly, that's because I'm still undecided.  My last game had my level 4 with Heavens and my level 2 with Great Maw, which wasn't bad, and I'll probably try it again, or maybe do Heavens on my Level 2 and Great Maw on the level 4.  One other option I've considered is keeping Great Maw on the level 4, and doing a level 1 Firebelly for some extra anti-chaff.  Still so many choices...