Necrons: Thinking outside the Scythe


Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that the Necron Air Force is kind of a big deal...  Everyone seems to have one in one form or another, and frankly it's kind of boring.  To try and spice up my army (and maybe yours), I've been working on a list of some other nasty combos which you can achieve in a Necron army! Here are some of the units and combos I've been thinking about lately:

Nemesor Zahndrekh + Quad Gun: Zahndrekh can give himself Tank Hunter, making him quite the Anti-aircraft gunner.

Vanguard Obyron + Tomb Spyders: Everyone know that Tomb Spyders are a great deal for their points, unfortunately though, they lack mobility.  Vanguard Obyron can actually join the Tomb Spyders and teleport across the board with them in tow!  Additionally, if you need to move 2 units, keep one next to Zahndrekh; teleport up with the first unit, then teleport back to Zahndrekh and join the second unit, then teleport up that unit as well, by turn 3 you can have moved 2 units of Tomb Spyders across the board... Not too bad.  If you have a spare HQ choice, you could even throw a Destroyer Lord in the unit of Tomb Spyders and suddenly you have a very nasty combat unit to deal with.

Necron Overlord + Catacomb Command Barge: The good ol' Douche Canoe is still quite fun, you can either keep the character cheap and just throw a Scythe and Mind Shackles on him, or a for a bit more, a Phase Shifter and have him go hunting Monstrous Creatures.  If the enemy is near by, you're going to get 3 free swings in, before you charge in with a further 4 attacks at Strength 7 AP2.  Since you can opt to take wounds instead of Hull Points, you could even live long enough to do this again!  If you know you're going to face a few vehicles, Anrakyr the Traveller isn't a bad alternative either.

Destroyer Lord + Scarabs: Scarabs move 12", so does the Destroyer Lord, Imagine that!  Now you just need to stick the Destroyer Lord in the front of the unit to tank those AP3/4 shots (assuming he has the 2+ save), and use Look Out Sir against the other shots.

Deathmarks + Harbingers of Despair: Everyone should know this one by now, but in case you don't, here's how it works.  Harbingers of Despair are affected by the Hunters from Hyperspace rule, meaning their template weapons are wounding on 2+ with AP2.  If you are able to have 2 Royal Courts, then you could take 2 Despair-teks in each unit, throw it in a Night Scythe, then zoom up the board 36", jump out and utterly annihilate a unit.  Quite the assassin.

Deathmarks + Crypteks: Similar to the Harbingers of Despair, a normal Cryptek is going to be wounding on 2+, with AP3 and Assault 3.  If you are planning to Deepstrike instead of using a Night Scythe, I would go with this option instead of Harbingers of Despair, since you don't need to get as close to use the weapon.

Tomb Blades: For 30 Points per model, you have a T5 jetbike with a S6 blast weapon.  They really don't have any rules that make them combine well with other units, but they don't need it!  For 150 points, you get 5 of these suckers who can utterly decimate horde units, and since infantry is in fashion this season, you'll certainly get your points worth.

Necron Monolith:  Yeah, I went there!  While not necessarily a great unit in itself, it's still pretty damn tough.  For me, the preferred use of the Monolith is to sit in the corner, minding it's own business, and when a friendly unit gets in trouble, suck it through the Dimensional Corridor to safety.  Not game winning, but could save you a Kill Point or two.

Obviously this is not an all-inclusive list of everything Necrons can do, so if you have any other unit strategies, please share them in the comments!

Deathmarks by Minijunkie (CoolMiniOrNot) Canoptek Spyder by Sons of Isis (Blogspot