Consider the birds. Be wise as serpents.


So on kind of a whim, I decided to pick up some Wood Elves!  My Ogre Kingdoms are wrapping up nicely, and I'm always keeping my eye on the horizon.  Since I really am into modelling, probably a bit more than playing some times, I think I will be going heavy on the flyers, aiming for 3-12 Warhawk Riders, 3 Great Eagles (for those 3k games) plus a few characters on Great Eagles. My general idea is that Warhawks are probably going to do pretty well at hurting small units of re-directors and fast cavalry, or warmachines, while the Great Eagles redirect away from my L4 bunker and the Nobles on Great Eagles go and tie up units by being as hard to kill as I can make them.  That's the idea anyhow, lets see how it does!