Building the new bugs

So over the weekend, like many other Tyranid fans, I went to my FLGS to pick up a handful of new toys, specifically, two Tyrannofexes, a Tervigon and a Swarmlord.  I've built the Tyrannofexes and everything else is currently in progress, but so far, I'm quite impressed with the kits and am glad to have them added to the Tyranid line of miniatures.

Pardon the image quality, these were originally taken as texts for a friend.  You can see just how big the new Tyrannofex is compared to my older Tervigons (which I thought I made plenty large at the time).  You can also see the work I'm doing on the swarmlord, spacing out the body and extending the legs to make him quite a bit bigger than a normal tyrant.