What was I thinking? Minotaur edition


So I've been playing Beastmen fairly consistently since the new book came out, but it wasn't until I plopped a Ghorgon and a Jabberslythe on the field that I ever actually saw a unit of them do what they're supposed to.  Last week, I had the honor of facing down my friends Skaven with my Beastmen in an attempt to give the monsters a chance to shine, I built my list around a modest block of 6 Minotaurs with BSB and Doombull. Throughout the game, my Jabberslythe did less than even I expected, not killing a single rat with it's Aura of Madness, and unfortunately, I never got my Ghorgon in combat.  I did however, have the chance to charge a block of ~50 slaves with my Minotaurs.  I quickly cut down half the unit before I was hit with Crack's Call, which really hurt because the BSB fell into the earth.  After finishing off the slaves in the second round of combat, I was able to flank charge a unit of Stormvermin.  At this point each of my Minotaurs was dealing a hefty 6 attacks, and with only my Doombull and three Minotaurs remaining, I was able to cut down around 30 of the Stormvermin, and finished off the unit the following round.  The Jabberslythe charged into the other flank, since I figured this was going to be his only chance to kill anything, and he did just that, killing about 10 models over the two rounds, plus 2 Stormvermin dying to his bile-blood.

I'm not sure what this all means for my future lists, as that block of Minotaurs was about 1000 points, but I do have to say that I was quite impressed with a unit that I had always previously been disappointed by, maybe next time I wont be disappointed by the Jabberslythe... maybe.