The Dice Abide Dudes at BAO


Well it looks like some of The Dice Abide Dudes are going to be heading to Antioch to take part in the Bay Area Open 2012.  I was excited for this event after Comikaze, but with the rules announcement here I got a little more excited when I checked out the missions. At Comikaze, the guys ran pure book missions.  Book missions offer balance to the game, but provide match-up issues for some armies.  At the Bay Area Open 2012, all 3 missions will be utilized in every round.  That is, there will be two objectives for capture and control; three objectives for seize ground; and kill points.  The winner is the one who wins more of the missions.  I feel this completely neutralizes the advantage armies have in specific missions and focuses more on generalship. This type of mission set-up takes it further than NOVA, in that NOVA still has a primary objective which can lead to match-up advantages.  The BAO has taken some nice steps to even the playing field.

I know my Dark Eldar are happy campers;  in the last two major tournaments I have played in I am only 1-3 in Kill Point missions, and 4-0-2 in objective based missions.  I still haven't decided what I am going to take, and am still working out the logistics with the drive and work, but it's shaping up to be a fun weekend.  Regardless, The Dice Abide should be well represented in both the team tournament and the 40k Championships.

What does everything think of the tri-mission set-up?  Good? Bad? Do you prefer the NOVA or BAO method more?

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