Did you feel that? 1750 Necrons


With the Bay Area Open coming up, it's time to start considering the army I want to bring.  Given the time I have to prepare, I thought I'd try and bring the new kids on the block, my Necrons.  I've looked at a lot of the net builds, mostly focusing around a scarab farm, but they don't really appeal to me, plus there is currently a shortage of suitable models for the Spyders themselves (not being a huge fan of the destroyer conversion).  So I decided to look at my current collection and try to figure out something that would be a pain to go against.  With that single goal in mind, I decided on a Tremor staff list.

Anrakyr the Traveller: On Catacomb Command Barge Orikan the Diviner Royal Court: 5x Harbinger of Transmogrification

C'tan Shard: Lord of Fire, Writhing Worldscape

10 Immortals: Tesla Carbine 9 Immortals: Tesla Carbine 5 Immortals: Tesla Carbine 5 Immortals: Tesla Carbine 5 Immortals: Tesla Carbine

Monolith: 200 Annihilation Barge: 90 Annihilation Barge: 90

Total: 1748

Basically, Anrakyr is used for anti-tank, Orikan for the first turn annoyance of everything on the board being difficult terrain, 5x Harbingers of Transmogrification for slowing people down and applying difficult terrain in later turns and the C'tan obviously for Writhing Worldscape.  This army has 2 larger blocks of Immortals, as well as 3 smaller ones for claiming objectives.  The Annihilation Barges are for stopping transports, and lastly, if you manage to get close to one of my squads, the Monolith simply whisks it away to safety.

It is really hard to decide between the Orikon and Imhotek.  Using Imhotek, downgrading Anrakyr to a normal lord and swapping the Monolith for an Annihilation barge, I can fit in a pair of Crypteks with Veils of Darkness, which will also help keep the big blocks of Immortals to dying in combat.  I think only some play testing will determine a winner.

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