Conversion Corner: Veil of Darkness Cryptek


I was inspired yesterday by a thread on Warseer by Bowlingshirtjerk.  He did a fairly simple conversion using a wraith to make a Cryptek with Veil of Darkness.  After seeing this, I went to my FLGS and thought I'd give it a shot myself, so I picked up a pair of VC Wraiths and went home to start cutting.  I'm pretty pleased with the final result: The conversion itself was pretty simple.  I started by assembling the wraith as normal, then I glued the Deathmark head into place, after cutting away a bit to make it fit nicely in the hood.  I took a piece of the back spine of a Triarch Praetorian to make his spine (with a bit of greenstuff around it), then cut out two Deathmark shoulder pads.  I used a pair of spare arms, cut down to size with the Triarch Praetorian spare hand and single-handed staff.  Lastly, the staff was shortened and given the end of a Deathmark gun, using one of it's sights as the orb at the end.  This should be easy enough for anyone to do that has a bits box with some Necron stuff in it.