Warhammer Weekend: Necrons and Ogres!


So over the last weekend, I managed to get in both a game of 40k and a game of Fantasy, which means another Warhammer Weekend article!


Friday night saw my newly assembled Necrons fighting against my friend Ray's Iron Warriors.  Scrapping together all that I had, I was able to make a hodgepodge 1000 point list, consisting of:

Imhotek The Stormlord

5 Harbingers of Destruction with Solar Pulse

5 Lychguard with Dispersion Shields 5 Deathmarks

2x 5 Necron Immortals with Tesla Carbines

Annihilation Barge

Being my first time playing with the army, I pretty much had a handful of everything I could, though I did feel a bit dirty using Imhotek in 1k, but it's all I had built!  Ray's chaos was pretty straight forward, looking to dominate me from a distance:

Daemon Prince with Wings, Mark of Nurgle, Warp Time

Chaos Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon

3x10 Chaos Marines with Plasma Gun and Lascannon


I didn't like my odds going into this, he pretty much had the perfect army for erasing my metal butt from the field!  The game started in nightfight, with the only lightning striking the Defilier, netting no damage.  Turn 1 the Chaos Dreadnought fire frenzied and killed 2 Chaos Marines hiding in some ruins, nothing else could draw a bead on me.  Turn 2 saw the end of Imhotek's night fight, which was replaced by a Solar Puslse, which meant one more turn of pretty much no ranged attacks, though my Annihilation Barge was able to kill the Dreadnought.  The Daemon Prince charged into my Lychguard (who were pretty much blocking any good charge he could have taken), he managed to hit and wound with 4 attacks, which I responded with by rolling 4 successful invul saves from the shield, shortly after the Daemon Prince was cut down.  Chaos Turn 3 was not unbounded by night fight and was free to fire at me, though it was highly ineffective due to some great repair rolls on my behalf.  We traded shots for a couple turns until my Lychguard made it into combat with another squad of marines, cutting them down and losing one in the process.  My Deathmarks showed up on Turn 5, popped some shots into the 3rd CSM squad, killing a couple, then they got squashed by the Defilier.  At the end of turn 6, I had only lost a few models, plus my Deathmarks and I had killed the Daemon Prince, Dreadnought and 2 full squads of Chaos Marines.  Victory to the Necrons!


So after having some fun with the Necrons, it was time to get back to Fantasy.  This weekend saw me play against one of our local High Elf generals, Chip.  Since we have a 1000 point tournament coming up in January for our painting league, we decided to try out our 1k lists.  my list was based entirely around what I've been painting (logically for a painting league and all), so it was a bit extreme on the details:

Firebelly with Potion of Speed, Great Weapon and Level 2 wizard

7 Ironguts with full command, lookout gnoblar and Standard of Discipline

3 Mournfang Cavalry with Bellower, Standard Bearer, ironfists and heavy armor


Unfortunately, I don't recall exactly what chip had, but it was roughly a Mage with High magic, BSB, block of Sea Guard, big block of Sword Masters, Lion chariot and Great Eagle.  It was a pretty short game, and by some twist of fate, I managed to win combat aganst the Sword Masters with my Ironguts, as well as trampling the Sea Guard with my Stonehorn.  With only the Lion Chariot left we called it so we could play a rematch at 2.5k.

I pulled out my newly revised 2500 point list:

Slaughtermaster with Glittering Scales, Fencers blade, Opal Amulet, Grounding Staff and Level 4 wizard

Bruiser Battle Standard Bearer with ironfist, heavy armor, Crown of Command, Dragon Helm and Ironcurse Icon Firebelly with great weapon

6 Ironguts with full command and Standard of Discipline 8 Ogres with full command and ironfists 19 Gnoblars

4 Mournfang cavalry with Bellower, Standard bearer, ironfists and heavy armor 2x1 Sabretusks 5 Maneaters with Bellower, Standard bearer, Banner of Eternal Flame, heavy armor, 3x additional hand weapon and 2x great weapons; Scout and Stubborn

Stonehorn Thundertusk

A mouthful of a list, while Chip was using a Level 4 with life, BSB, level 1 with High Magic, a massive block of Sea Guard, as well as a block of ~30 White Lions, a block of Sword Masters, a pair of great eagles, a pair of lion chariots and a small unit of archers.  The scenario came up as battle lines, we set up across from each other and my Maneaters setting up on Chips right flank.  He redirected my Maneaters with a Great Eagle, giving him time to reform his Sea Guard, who on the following turn took the charge from the Maneaters and cut them down... sadface.  The rest of the game however did not go so well for Chip, the river on his right turned out to be a Boiling Flood, which hurt the Swordmasters a bit, causing him to move them back, out of the river, this left the White Lions out to take a double charge from both my Ironguts and Ogres, with a great deal of assistance from the Thundertusk standing right behind them, negating the White Lions re-rolls, and when coupled with my irresistible casting of Troll Guts spelled doom to the White Lions.  In a last ditch effort to save his behind, Chip had an impressive magic roll giving him 12 dice, but his hopes were dashed when he IF'd on Throne of Vines, rolled a 1 to save it, then power drained himself, losing 2 levels, Throne of Vines and the regeneration spell.

With his main block destroyed, magic neutered and a majority of my army still in tact, it was a grim defeat for the High Elves, as they were tabled by turn 4.

So there we have it!  I have a winning streak for a change, but lets see how long that lasts.