Words, Bearing, Etc.


Due to some changes and other hoo-ha, I’ll be playing my Word Bearers in an upcoming campaign, so the Squiggalo’s on hold for now. Don’t worry your pretty heads, everyone. He’s being fed and kept comfortable. No one’s getting hurt here. Well, okay, Dave is, but he’s an idiot. What did we learn, Dave? “Don’t stick your hand in the Squiggalo cage,” right. I swear. That guy.

Word Bearer

I’ve little to show in the way of models at the moment, however. This will change in the future, hopefully in a way that is positive. So, rather than any material of my own, I’m going to take the call center route and farm my work out to some poor, impoverished suckers. Here’s a few bits that’ll be inspiring my Sons of Lorgar as I cobble them together over the coming months.

- I’ve mentioned Dan the Daemon’s unbelievably well-crafted Night Lords army, “The Immortal Terrors,” in previous posts, but I’ll link it again for any malingerers who might have missed it. Besides the amazing character and individuality he puts into every damn model, Dan’s also managed to hit on a “biggerizing” method for Space Marines that doesn’t go quite as far as the true-scale Marines that are fairly popular. I’m going to try something similar for my own mans.

- Raz’ Word Bearers are pretty damn cool, and should be recognized as such. There’s a surreal, barbaric manner to his conversions and paint jobs that’s like a cross between John Blanche and a Hellraiser flick.

- Finally, The Consumption of Galaspar is an old piece of fiction by Midwest, chronicling one of the many baroque adventures of Lord Tubal-Kahn and his merry Word Bearing crew. Midwest’s fiction actually landed him a position co-authoring the Word Bearers’ Index Astartes article way back in the day. I love the way he crafted the language and ideas of the Sons of Lorgar in these stories.