2000 Revised Eldar List


So after playing around with my previous list some, I"ve gone through a few revisions with the help of Nick, our resident Eldar aficionado.  Still focusing around the contents of 2 Battalions (because I'm cheap), I think he has helped me come up with a better list that is a bit more honed for what I need.

Eldrad Ulthran: 210 Avatar of Khaine: 155

6 Fire Dragons: Exarch with Firepike and Crackshot: 121 Wave Serpent: Twin-linked Shuriken Cannon, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones: 120 8 Harlequins: 7x Harlequin's Kiss, Shadowseer: 202

10 Dire Avengers: Exarch with Power Weapon and Shimmer Shield, Defend: 165 Waveserpent: Twin-linked Bright Lance: 135 10 Guardians: Scatter Laser, Warlock with Conceal and Singing Spear: 138 10 Guardians: Scatter Laser, Warlock with Conceal and Singing Spear: 138 3 Jetbikes: Shuriken Cannon: 76

3 Warwalkers: Dual Scatterlasers: 180 5 Dark Reapers:  Exarch with Tempest Launcher, Crack Shot: 217 Wraithlord: Bright Lance, Wraithsword, 2 Flamers: 140

Total: 1997

For 1850, I would drop the Wraithlord, a Fire Dragon and give that last Harlequin a kiss.  Overall, I still really like the list and I am also still playing with the idea of using the Wraithseer model as my Wraithlord, because it's just so damn pretty.  The only thing I'm not too sure about is the low number of long range anti-tank shots, pretty much being limited to just the Wraithlord and the Dire Avenger's Wave Serpent, but I'll have to test it out before I make a judgement.

featured image credit to r7ll on deviantART.