Tomb Kings for the Painting League


So we've started a painting League at my FLGS (I'll write more about them after the first challenge), and I decided it was time to get some skeletons out of my closet (see what I did there?).  Since I have 14 boxes of VC skeletons, and a plethora of Tomb King bits thanks to my friend, Adam G., I have been converting up legions of the undead, using the new style skeletons to represent the lowest caliber of soldier in the army, the stronger and more skilled undead will be using the appropriate TK models though. Following my own step-by-step guide on painting the living impared, I have painted the first 20 of my skeletons, and a Liche Priest.

I used the same method for painting bone as before, spray white, sepia wash, highlight white, which creates a very bright and bleached look for the skeletons.  The darker fabrics were either Khemri Brown, Calthan Brown, Snakebite Leather or Dheneb Stone with a Devlan Mud wash, then re-highlighted with the base color.  For the wood I used Terracotta, again with the Devlan Mud and Terracotta highlight.  The bases followed my base tutorial as well.