Step by Step: Painting Tomb King Skeletons

To celebrate the release of the Tomb Kings, I've put together a quick way to crank out those countless skeletons that you'll undoubtedly need to serve your king.

  1. Spray White
  2. Basecoat - large solid areas -  Weapon and trim: Gold -  Wood: Terracotta -  Shield: Necron Abyss -  Cloth: Graveyard Earth -  Base: Iyanden Darksun -  Stone tiles: Denheb Stone
  3. Wash and baseing. -  The whole skeleton recieves a wash of Gryphonne Sepia. -  The gold receives a wash of Gryphonne Sepia, optionally followed with some Thraka Green, Leviathan Purple or Asurmen Blue. -  The cloth receives a wash of Delvan Mud -  The sand is drybrushed with khaki, and the tiles drybrushed with white.
  4. Detailing: -  The raised parts of bone are painted with Skull White and the shield is highlighted with Mordian Blue. -  Using a makeup sponge, Iyanden darksun is lightly applied to the bottom of the shield to make it look dusty.

There you have it!  A simple and effective way to get your skeletons prepared for war!  For painting archers, I used terracotta for the wood, but I also used a couple different browns for the quiver to give some variation.